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4 Must Have Interior Design Trends for 2015

Every year brings new interior design trends and key pieces that promise to transform your home. However, so few of us are bold enough to put these fashionable statements into practice, but no more. It’s time to put down that paintbrush loaded with magnolia and pass on buying that matching Ikea bedroom set. Instead, we are here to inspire you to decorate your home with the newest decor styles. Be prepared to inject personality, add warmth and create a space that speaks to you, using 2015’s hottest design trends.

4 Must Have Interior Design Trends for 2015


Metallic Mix Up

Chrome and stainless steel fixtures are set to become a thing of the past. One of the biggest decor trends of 2015 is the use of metals in brass, copper and rose colours. There are a whole host of ways to include metallic tones in your decor, from golden taps and handles, to mirrors and light fittings.

Play around with different finishes. You don’t have to pick one tone and coordinate everything to match. Instead, choose different golden hues to create an eclectic and stylish look.

Introduce Indigo

Deep navy and rich Mediterranean blues are a main feature of this year’s interior design colour palette. These tones are vibrant, bold and make a real design statement. The great thing about blue is that is interacts with other colours so easily, so it will work with almost any scheme.

If you’re a blue fan, be daring and go all out with a luxurious blue velvet sofa, or patterned wallpaper. Alternatively, add splashes of colour with soft furnishings and accessories.

Earthy and Ethnic

Travel is the interior design mood board of 2015. Think of the colours and accents of Middle Eastern influence and Mediterranean elegance and you can’t go wrong. Recreate rich cultural experiences with ochre, sienna and rich earthy colours that speak of enlightened travels.

These colours work perfectly with the previously mentioned blue tones to create a warm palette that reflects arid deserts and deep blue sees. Rather than using block colours, choose a printed cushion, bedding, or patterned rug to create trendy ethnic decor.

Tasteful Textures

In a form of backlash against the modern minimalist look of the early 2000’s, textures have become an increasingly popular part of interior design statements over the last few years. 2015, however, takes texture up a notch.

Natural textures including faux fur and wood are still in style, but it’s ethnic textures that are in the interior design spotlight. The paintbrush is now a thing of the past, as sponging and other formats create a textured appearance. Alternatively, put up printed wallpaper. Compliment with colourful ethnic tiles in kitchens and bathrooms.

Remember to get organised and de-clutter, then you can have fun with 2015’s key interior design trends. Happy decorating!


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  1. bietthu3tang
    March 21, 2017 / 3:04 am

    By 2017 but I still feel like the old design trends of this 2015.

  2. Sarah Christie
    March 4, 2015 / 1:20 pm

    Blimey who would have thought sponging would come back in ,but I do love texture it feels so much warmer x

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