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4 Reasons You Should Consider Adding an Automated Gate to Your Driveway


Today – Reasons You Should Consider Adding an Automated Gate to Your Driveway

An automated gate can be installed with any new fence around a home, and plenty of homeowners should replace their manual gates with automated gates. Yet many people choose to stick with what they have, regardless of the risks and problems the existing system brings.


Adding an Automated Gate to Your Driveway


Reasons You Should Consider Adding an Automated Gate to Your Driveway

Here are four reasons you should consider adding an automated gate to your driveway.



Automated gates that use gate remotes are far more convenient than a manual gate. You don’t have to exit your vehicle, open the gate, pull in and close the gate. If the automated gate uses sensors and programming, it will automatically open and close without any effort by the driver except stopping at the right spot. Gate remotes (which will come with the gate, but can be bought separately from providers like this one if you lose it) allow you to tell the automated gate to open without relying on complicated sensors, though you can use both. This allows you to push a remote-control button to open the gate before you pull in, especially if you’re backing in a trailer.



Too many people install gates to improve their home’s security and then leave the gate open because it seems like too much work to close the manual gate after they’ve parked the vehicle. This negates the security benefits of the gate, whether keeping pets and children inside or would-be thieves outside.

All of this is aside from the privacy benefits, which you receive simply by limiting unauthorised access to your property. Not all visitors are malicious. However, a fence around your home with controlled access through a gate prevents children from wandering into the back garden looking for footballs and potentially getting hurt or a neighbour sauntering up and seeing your wife or daughter sunbathing. A physical barrier is far more reliable in protecting your privacy than a “no trespassing” sign and it prevents casual security checks by would-be thieves.

If you have children, a fence around your home allows your younger children to play in the garden unsupervised without parents having to worry about them wandering off or older children getting into trouble. And you’re secure in the knowledge you won’t have a call from the police because a child was hit by a car chasing your pet running into the street.


Improved Home Value

A gate makes your home seem protected, secure and cared for. And contrary to what many people may think, not all gates are drab and have domineering designs. Gates come in all sizes and colours and you can find gate styles for pretty much any style of house.

Most people like the look a nice gate gives to a house and the added fortress automated gate provides that strong appealing look with the added value of convenience. This improves your home’s value if you let home buyers know about this feature. If you’ve had problems with people stealing items from your home, a sturdy fence and a gate keeps your home looking good and helps it maintain its value. The automated gate allows you to determine who gets access, either through gate remotes or an access code, without the hassle of keys or the false security of clicking a bracket into place. And automated gates also come with sensors that can notify in case intruders are trying to get through.

The value a gate can add to your property is much higher than the money you would spend on installing one. You can find a nice sliding gate for less than £2,000, but a gate could easily add several thousand pounds to your home’s value.


Lower Insurance Rates

Depending on your homeowners’ insurance policy, installing a gate that you actually close upon arrival could lower your home’s insurance rates because it is being used properly. Ask your home insurer before you assume installing an automated gate will let you pay less for property insurance. If your automated gate reduces the risk of an aggressive dog getting out again, you may be able to save on your insurance for that reason alone. If you have a gate controlling access to the back garden, preventing someone from reaching a shed full of valuable tools, you have a good reason to request a reduction on your home contents insurance. If you’ve had problems with vandals damaging your home or concerns about crime, a fence plus an automated gate allows you to earn lower insurance rates over time due to reduced claims.

An automated gate is one of the easiest ways to instantly add value to a home. It improves safety, is much more convenient than a manual gate, and will also have a positive effect on your insurance policy. So, if you were still on the fence about investing in an automated gate, we recommend that you consult a vendor immediately to see if they have one that would suit your needs.


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  1. Ahmad
    October 31, 2018 / 2:54 pm

    Of course the automated gate would be better than the manual gate. Easier to open and closing it from distance.

  2. October 4, 2017 / 8:42 pm

    My parents are getting old, and I can see that they are starting to have a hard time on their own. Sadly, I’m not always there to help them because of my busy schedule plus I’m their only child, so was thinking about how I could help them without being physically present or being with them. This automated gate is such a great idea! The convenience of having it, my parents wouldn’t have a hard time getting out of the car just to open the gate plus it adds to their security. This is really helpful. Thanks!

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