Tips for homeschooling without the headaches 

4 tips for homeschooling without the headaches

4 tips for homeschooling without the headaches 


Tips for homeschooling without the headaches

I can’t promise no-headaches but hopefully these tips take some of the pain out of homeschooling. The last few months have added “teacher” to the many hats already worn by parents. I’ve put together 4 tips that will help you through the homeschooling journey in 2020 and beyond. 


Free Online Resources

The internet is a wonderful thing! Thankfully there are some superb educational resources available for free online. Whatever the age group or qualification your child is going through, there are resources readily available. A great place to start is BBC Bitesize.

4 tips for homeschooling without the headaches 


The BBC have done a great job of adding more content than ever to their interactive website with 3 new classes added daily. There is a good mix of practical lessons, audio and videos to keep children engaged and entertained. 

There is a timetable planning tool which helps to give structure when outside of the school environment and ensures that all subject areas are covered. Make the most of this free planning tool! 


Online Tutoring & 4 tips for homeschooling without the headaches 

Sometimes it is a matter of calling in the professionals to help! Teachers have also been adapting to the changing needs of children (and parents) by offering online tutoring. Some schools and colleges are offering this service to students who aren’t in the school setting so it is worth checking what is on offer and how to access these services. 

If you’re looking for some bespoke, additional support then there are some quality providers like Tutor House who offer online tutoring. Lessons are delivered through a laptop or tablet and will be built around the students courses to help them achieve the best grade they can. 


tips for homeschooling without the headaches 



When the home becomes the classroom it’s important to define spaces for work and play. As part of the timetable setting mentioned above, you can set out where you are going to take each lesson/activity. If possible, try to use different rooms for classwork so the lines don’t get blurred between rest and work. 

This is as important for you as it is for your children! 


Getting Creative & 4 tips for homeschooling without the headaches 

Schools don’t always embrace creativity in a way that helps children explore and develop outside of the classroom. Homeschooling offers up an opportunity to escape regimented timetables and have fun!

Letting the children decide what creative activities they want to do is a great way to support them and expand their horizons.

tips for homeschooling without the headaches 


Do you have a hobby you would like to share with them? Is there something they’ve wanted to try but it’s never been the right time? Put the pens away and learn in a new way for an hour or 5! 


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