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4 Tips for Hosting a Party in Your Garden Next Summer


Are you already tired of the snow? We sure are. Hot Girl Summer is for everyone but it rarely involves a parka. If you’re already thinking about your next garden party, you might want to look at a few of our tips. We’re ready to shed the parka for the short shorts and a fruity cocktail. Take a look at our tips to do it right.


Break out the pergola

Let’s face it, there are no guarantees with a great British day out. Even a trip to the beach requires a rain jacket. If you want to ensure that you can go outside and stay outside even when the dark clouds roll in, you should construct or buy a pergola or a canopy to keep the milder elements at bay. You can string lights through the beams for a cozy feel and arrange seating like benches, chairs, cushions, and pillows under the pergola so guests have a place to relax. If you’re worried about it blowing away in all the merriment, take a look at these 1000kg marquee weights that will keep your protective shield well and truly rooted to the ground.


Fire pit

Of course, if the temperature drops but it’s too nice to go inside yet, make an evening of the garden with a fire pit. A fire pit extends the party into the evening with warmth, light, and the possibility for s’mores! There are lots that come in different styles, from modern to rustic, and are a great way to add a little something to your garden that serves a purpose. Surround the fire pit with outdoor rugs, blankets, chairs, and logs so guests can sit, chat, and enjoy a drink long after the sun sets.


Bar cart

Did you notice that throughout lockdowns, one thing became the hottest item to have, or even install, in your home: a bar. Maybe we were missing the pubs, maybe we just liked having somewhere to host guests. Either way, a lot of bar carts were getting bought and added to the garden during the summer months, and that hasn’t slowed down.

Stock a bar cart with beer, wine, spirits, and fun glassware to serve guests. Include mixers and garnishes to really impress with your cocktail shaking skills. Have a couple designated bartenders to mix and pour drinks. They’ll keep glasses full and spirits from walking away!


Don’t forget the little touches

There are a lot of little things you can do to make you and your guests more comfortable as the sun shines. For example, if you’re in a climate that likes to attract the bugs – or, God forbid, the midges – make sure to provide citronella candles, bug spray, and after-bite stick to help deter bugs.

Have extra blankets, shawls, fans, and mister sprayers available in case guests need to get warm or cool off. And be ready with sunscreen to avoid a painful morning, because even the British sun can catch us by surprise, and lots of ice for your drinks.


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