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4 Ways to Promote Your Online Storefront in the UK

Promote Your Online Storefront

Promote Your Online Storefront


Ways to Promote Your Online Storefront

Regardless of which industry or niche you specialise in, if you’re operating an online storefront, then promotion is going to be paramount, especially if you’re trying to establish a sizeable web presence and following.

Luckily, this is something that many other eCommerce stores have had to figure out, so as a result there are plenty of proven methods for marketing an online store in any country. However, the effectiveness of promotional methods does vary depending on the location. With that said, here the four most effective ways to advertise an online storefront in the UK:

1. Discount and Deal Sites

Posting your latest promotions and sales on sites like Blast My Deals will help expose your brand to an audience that is already searching for UK hot deals. Thus, these sites are quality sources of targeted traffic, as most people browsing these sites have buying intentions and are already in the process of shopping online. The good news is that there are many platforms like this just waiting to be taken advantage of, and posting your deal on all of them is a powerful step towards maximising marketing diversity.

2. Social Media

Building a social media presence is a must for any online storefront that wants to create a larger local and global customer base. Adversely, failing to have a presence on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will undoubtedly hurt your store’s popularity. Launching a social media campaign is one of the best ways to effectively to advertise sales, special offers, raffles, or other promotional content or events. UK brands that utilise social media marketing (SMM) regularly report higher conversions and more traffic than brands that do not.

3. Search Engine Marketing and SEO

In addition to being easily findable on social media, it’s also important to make your store appear for relevant search terms in Google and other search engines by practising search engine marketing (SMM) and search engine optimisation (SEO). Achieving this might involve adding some content to your site other than just the product and category descriptions. Starting a blog is a common technique used to help eCommerce stores rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs) for specific terms.

4. Offline Promotion

Finally, although offline advertising is often overlooked, it remains one of the most effective forms of digital advertising in the UK. Prospective customers tend to trust brands that advertise offline, so using printed materials like flyers, business card, catalogues, and discount coupons can help you bring local offline traffic to your online storefront.

Using Other eCommerce Platforms

In addition to all of the above, you can also use pre-existing marketplaces to expose your brand to huge audiences without any substantial marketing footwork. For example, launching storefronts on Amazon and eBay will add your products to their extremely popular catalogues. Similar sites include Newegg, eBid, and Etsy. You can also include a link back to your official site and contact information in these online marketplaces, so they’re great platforms for finding new customers.

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