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4 Ways to Transform Your Garden for Summer 2023

Transform Your Garden for Summer 2023


It’s April, finally. And after the bizarre March we had that featured snow, people are more excited than ever for some warmer weather. It’s slow going, but it’ll be there. And when it does, how will you take advantage of the warmer weather? If you’re looking for some ideas, take a look at our list of ideas to transform your garden.


A furniture set

The best way to make use of your garden is to add some furniture. There are a few different ways you can go about this. If you like the idea of a European luncheon of salads and wines, you can add dining sets that offer you something a little more structured. If you’d like a more relaxed atmosphere, there are lots of options for the outdoor equivalent of sofa sets.

But this is the UK we’re talking about. Keep everything dry with a canopy, and you can enjoy meals outside with the family or drinks outside with a good book.

However, it isn’t the best idea to put furniture in the soft, wet UK grass, so you might need to consider decking before you commit to a furniture set. Take a look at macblair.com for all your decking options.


A fire pit

The idea of sitting outside for a meal or some time with a good book might have made you shiver there. As much as we are sun worshippers and will want a good garden the second the clouds fade, it’s still chilly in the evening.

You can offset this with a fire pit. There are the tall heaters that restaurants employ to keep you warm readily available, but for your garden, there are lots of options on the design that make them not only practical but like a piece of art in your home. Or you can go simple and get something rustic that implies stories getting shared around the campfire.


Transform Your Garden for Summer 2023


A water feature

But fire isn’t the only way you can have fun with the elements in your garden. It’s hard to get the rippling sound effect that running water offers in the typical UK estate home. Gardens are too small for pools, ponds are something you need to rescue the 2-year-old nephew from when he gets too curious, and unless you live next to a creek, you’re going to be out of luck. Instead, consider a water feature. Like fire pits, they can come in designs that are more akin to art than a practical addition. Plus, the sound of running water will make your garden a peaceful place to spend your time.


A bar

If peaceful isn’t what you’re aiming for with your garden, consider the hottest trend of lockdown: garden bars. Suddenly everyone was living out their landlord dreams, some in more elaborate ways than others. If you want to go all out, a new shed with the front taken off and a lick of paint can make for a great bar, or simply add a bar cart to your garden for a more affordable option.



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