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5 Artsy Wall Décor Ideas To Spruce Up Your Space

Are you looking for wall decor ideas?

Empty walls are intimidating and can make your space look dull. Fortunately, they’re also a clean canvas for creative designs. You may be minimalist inclined to smaller pieces and a neutral palette or a maximalist who finds inspiration in a completely covered wall and a burst of colour. You can find numerous artsy wall décor ideas to change things up in your space, no matter your style.

Now, if you’re ready to spruce up that space into stylish artwork, you have definitely come to the right place. This blog shares five artsy wall décor ideas that will breathe new life into your walls and bring out your style and personality.


Wall Décor Ideas To Spruce Up Your Space


  • Hang a fabric

Tapestries or wall hangings are an excellent way to add colour and pattern to your walls. They add a sense of softness and warmth to your wall and home in general. Today, you can hang anything, including scarves, carpets, or any decorative textile you can find. The good thing with hanging fabrics is you don’t need to frame them. They look good as they are just as much as mounted or framed art, if not better. (1)

They’ll create a unique and signature style for your home that’s inspired by the culture and styles of your choice. They also make a space look softer. Among the top benefits of decorating your walls with fabric is the ease of moving them from one area to another. They’re lightweight and way easier to pack than most wall décor, such as paintings and framed art.


  • Use large art pieces

If you’re looking for excellent wall décor that you can easily change, oversized wall art is a perfect design trick. Carefully pick your piece to liven boring walls to set the tone and create a space that commands attention. Large-scale wall art takes the décor to a new level and makes a focal point in your room. It’s ideal for small spaces as well. (2)

In the alternative, create a wall gallery if you have a lot of art pieces to display. However, when decorating your wall with an extrovert and bold wall art, balance it by hanging them against a more contemporary background. Ensure the background and the wall art blend.  

But if you’re a minimalist and wondering what your options are, consider hanging a smaller piece of art. You can go for an abstract painting and then incorporate other smaller accents throughout the room that ties nicely with the rest of the space. These smaller accents can be in the ceiling lighting fixtures, wall sconce, vases, or door frames.

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Wall Décor Ideas To Spruce Up Your Space

  • Paint a mural

Painting a mural can help you add an artistic and unique touch to your walls. It’s especially an excellent scheme for when you have a traditional decor scheme. Think outside the normal by doing something that adds texture and depth to the design. You can try a birch tree mural to make the room look bigger if you’re working on small spaces.

This type of wall art is excellent for larger rooms such as the living room or dining area and also a perfect choice for smaller spaces like study rooms and bedrooms. This is because they give an illusion of space and depth.


  • Create an accent wall

Use bold and bright colours to transform a boring wall by creating an accent wall. But normal paintwork isn’t the only way to do it. You can add patterns by stencilling, wallpaper, or your decorative technique of choice. If possible, add the walling design to the ceiling too. It’ll make the space unique and with a greater decor impact, particularly on smaller spaces.

Accent walls can dramatically change the look and feel of a space in a good way. However, ensure that the decoration you choose complements the rest of the room so that it doesn’t end up looking overwhelming. The wall skirting must also blend in with the wall colour and décor for a coordinated feel. (3) 

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  • Decorate with mirrors

Mirror wall décor is always an excellent way of visually creating a sense of double space in the room. But mirrors also reflect light, magnify it, and brighten up a space creating a magical mood in a room. For the artsy look, pick a mirror with an antique effect. It can come at a higher cost, but it serves the purpose well.

However, you need to put a little more thought into the mirror position. Look at the side of your space you want to be reflected in the mirror. Areas like the dining room may not do well with mirror décor since some people don’t like to look at themselves when eating. A full-length mirror behind the toilet or opposite a shower may not be such a good idea as well. (2)


Takeaway on wall decor ideas

You don’t need to confine your wall décor to basic painting or installing wallpaper. There are numerous ways to spruce your walls, whether it’s changeable art like large-scale pieces, wall fabrics, and mirrors, or bold paints and stencilling. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary or traditional theme, there’s a wealth of creative and artsy décor ideas for your wall.



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