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5 bachelor pad essentials

Bachelor pad essentials

Chances are, if you live alone, you relish your freedom. You like being in control of your own space. And if you’re a single male with a room/flat/house to yourself, then you’ve probably fashioned yourself a ‘bachelor pad’ of sorts. Like any outward expression of individuality, your living space says a lot about who you are. It’s the little touches – unique furniture, art, colour use, etc. – that display your personality.


Bachelor pad essentials

But before you customise your pad, here are some essentials that every man cave needs.


1) Get decent speakers
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That’s one of the best parts about living alone, isn’t it? You can turn up your favourite tunes as loud as you want, and there’s no one to judge your imaginative dance moves. It’s a no-brainer: whether you’re a film buff, video game enthusiast or music nerd, you need (and deserve) to listen to whatever you want in high definition. Here’s an article from CNET to help jumpstart your search to find your perfect system.


2) Have proper drink paraphernalia


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On the occasions that you have a guest over (romantic or otherwise), you don’t want to be stuck pouring wine into a chipped mug. It’s time to man up and get the proper glassware. Or if you don’t have much storage space, simply get a set of mason jars: they work with any drink and make you look artsy.


3) Find that perfect chair
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A cosy chair should be top priority for any modern mantuary: somewhere to sink into after a long day at the office, somewhere to spend an entire lazy Sunday. A leather reclining chair (like this one from Fishpools) is a classic choice: it looks timeless, it will last forever and it is ridiculously comfortable. For those that want to upgrade their seating arrangement, opt for this multimedia smorgasbord, complete with built-in surround sound and subwoofer, Bluetooth technology and iPhone mount.


4) Beef up your entertainment centre
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Everyone knows that you absolutely need a decent flatscreen TV, but the beauty of having your own manland is that you can create the entertainment centre of your dreams! A pool table, ping-pong table or vintage arcade game is a great way to add some character to your room, a fun way to entertain guests and an ideal way to practice. Consider paying homage to one of the greatest bachelor pads of all time, Chandler and Joey’s apartment from Friends, and opt for the classic: a football table.


5) Light up the place


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Nothing kills an intimate mood like harsh lighting: unforgiving fluorescent strips, forlorn naked lightbulbs or uncomfortably bright sunlight streaming through curtainless windows. A few well-placed lamps and some basic, effective curtains can be the necessary element to create the perfect atmosphere. Browse Lamp and Light for some ideas.


Bachelor pad essentials – the conclusion

Once you’ve gotten the basics down, concentrate on customising your bachelor pad with your favourites: video games, posters, books, records, sports gear and other cool gadgets. Because the best part of your man den is that it’s yours, so go crazy.



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