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5 Best Beer Breweries in Scotland You Need to Try

The Scottish beer scene has been skyrocketing recently, with many small businesses making their way to the industry’s top. 

The craft beer category opens up many opportunities for smaller less-known companies to showcase new and innovative flavours that will excite any beer enthusiast. 

Scotland has been making its mark in the last few years. Let’s explore some of the best beer breweries in Scotland that you need to try. 


Best Beer Breweries in Scotland You Need to Try


Innis & Gunn

Innis and Gunn are one of the big dogs when it comes to craft beer in Scotland. If you’re looking for a brewery with plenty of options, look no further – the Innis & Gunn brewery is stocked with a wide range of flavourful beers.

If you’d like to try one, you can visit one of their many taprooms dotted all over Scotland. There’s no better way to enjoy the fine selection of beer they have to offer than rallying a few pals and heading off to one of their famous taprooms. Enjoy a vibrant atmosphere, fresh, high-quality craft beer and a scrumptious menu of amazing food.

The brewery is situated in Perth, and they are building a sparkly new brewery in the heart of Edinburgh, which may be more accessible for those looking to pay a visit from the capital.

They have two taproom locations in Glasgow and Edinburgh and one in Dundee; there is plenty to choose from, regardless of where you are. If you’re looking to make a night out of your craft beer-tasting experience, look no further than the Innis & Gunn taprooms.


Windswept Brewing

Situated in Lossiemouth, Windswept brewing is an award-winning craft beer specialist producing various beverages.

You cannot beat the feeling of sinking a top-quality pint after you earn it. That’s exactly what Windswept stands for. The name was inspired by the windswept beaches on the Moray coast, and the two ex-RAF pilots felt it was best to keep the beer tied to its foundational roots.

Founded in 2012, craft beer experts have excelled in what they are today as a brewery with a strong emphasis on ingredients and taste.

You can experience their famous coastal beer through their taproom in Lossiemouth. They are stocked with all their beers, including glassware, clothing, and gifts. 

As for the brewery, they offer plenty of tours and tastings – if that tickles your fancy. Book an hour slot for £15 and experience behind the scenes in the windswept craft beers.


Fyne Ales Farm

Fyne Ales was founded in 2001 to bring success to the small and quiet corner of Scotland that the founders call home. It is a family-owned brewery featured in a rural area of Scotland. 

The brewery’s stunning scenery is worth paying a visit in itself, but their beer selection is an added delight! The brewery taproom and shop are open seven days a week and are the perfect stop for a bite to eat and a fresh beer and ale.

Fyne Ales offer a selection of beer options, from pale ales to experimental stouts and IPAs. Perfect if you’re looking for that countryside-inspired taste.


Lerwick Brewer

The Lerwick brewery craft beers offer a new experience to the Shetlands selection. The family-run business was founded in June 2013 to exemplify everything about the beautiful Scottish islands.

The brewery is located in the heathery hillside on the outskirts of Lerwick and utilises a 12-barrel plant, producing labels and bottling in-house.

The latitude of the brewery keeps the climate consistent throughout all the year’s seasons. Winter stays mild, and summer stays cool. The humidity, combined with fresh, clear water and fresh air, provides the vital ingredients to brew a fantastic beer.

Experience a taste of the amazing Scottish islands with this selection of beers, individually injected with a unique personality.


Tempest Brewing Co.

Each beer created at Tempest is made with a collaborative effort from multiple team members through a stage-by-stage process. 

Tempest seeks inspiration from modern-day hobbies like art, music, literature, nature and more. Each beer has its own story for you to explore, and it takes you to another place with its complex flavour palette.

The in-house canning facility gives them full control over the processing to keep the beer looking and feeling fresh.

From as little as £20 at the brewery, you can take a glimpse behind the curtain and learn about the history of Tempest brewing and what goes into every pint.

Their taproom is a short five-minute walk from the Tweedbank train station, making it accessible without the need to drive. You can easily enjoy a nice cold beer when you go with Tempest!

The taproom hosts a wide selection of Tempest craft beers and merchandise and comprises a fantastic, relaxed atmosphere for any occasion.


To Conclude

The number of breweries in Scotland is through the roof nowadays, and finding what new ones you should try or where best to pay a visit is challenging. This guide includes a mix of old and new brewers with the best craft beers to choose from.

The Scottish beer scene continues to grow daily, so keep your eyes peeled for any new competition you may need to try.

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