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5 Best Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

Are you interested in Feng Shui bedroom tips?

Well, if you are, you have come to the right place. I have recently received a gorgeous set of white performance bed linen to review from Simba. It is a lovely set. Gosh I slept so well in it and it looks totally gorgeous.  As well as being super  it also helps regulate your body temperature; cotton is a naturally breathable fabric but it also has a  Stratos finish on one side to help dissipate excess body heat. It’s super quality and I love it! 

My new Simba bedding


5 Best Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

Whilst I was choosing my 400 count thread bed linen to review (which I would highly recommend) I came across a great post on the Simba blog about Feng Shui in the bedroom. I decided to share 5 of my favourite tips from there with you here. Which of these do you do?


Invest in better bedding

 I have done so (see above!) and my Simba bedding most definitely helped me sleep better!


Declutter underneath your bed

Apparently clutter can represent subconscious blocks in your life. What do you have under yours?

I have shoes in a few long trays and a box full of hair dryers and straighteners. I  love the idea of moving them but where on earth am I going to put them! They are only these because I don’t have anywhere else to pop them! 



Let the air and energy flow – a healthy sleep environment needs air movement 

Oh I do love the air  in my bedroom to flow around. I always leave a tiny bit of my windows open and I use an air purifier.  


Give your bed centre stage 

According to Feng Shui you should move your bed into a central position where you can see the door while laying in bed. Apparently this will help opportunities to come your way. I just like to see the door myself and watch out for burglars, LOL!


Avoid gym gear in the bedroom

Gym equipment and workout gear is classed as “yang” – meaning it is a source of active energy which you absolutely don’t want in the area you sleep so that needs to go! 


Further reading on Best Feng Shui for Bedroom Tips

I hope you have enjoyed this article, for more Feng Shui bedroom tips pop on over to Simba and take a look at their comprehensive guide on 18 Feng Shui Bedroom Tips

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