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5 Best Travel Vape Cases to Take with You

Lets take a look today at the best travel vape cases.



A vape travel bag makes transporting and securing your box mod kit, vape, and other vape gear easy. Some cases are small enough to attach to your bag, belt, or pocket for easy access. Most standard case materials comprise EVA, polyester, and Nylon which happens to be the most waterproof. Soft cases are usually more fashionable and slimmer, whereas hard cases provide additional protection at the cost of a little extra weight.

The use of hook-and-loop fasteners and zippers is common; however, their durability varies. Make sure you purchase a case that has enough room for e-liquids. Manufacturers include extra pockets for cash, identity cards, and cellphones in some instances. Below are some of the vape cases you should consider buying.


Carbon Fiber Pattern Case

You could assume that all vape hard cases are the same; however, you’d be wrong.

Typically, a hard vape case is, of course, the most durable option.

Hard vape pouches, like any other item, come in varying levels of quality and durability. In case you’re looking for a tried-and-tested option, this case has been “battle-tested,” and although we are not sure what would transpire if it fell into the hands of an enraged child, we are confident that it will protect your vape equipment.



This vape case will keep your e-liquids, tanks, and vape mods secure, which are available at several online stores at affordable prices. It features a black color; therefore, if you’re a sloppy person who drops their bags a lot or dislikes cleaning, black will hide any dirt.

It unzips to showcase two faces with elastic bands and a mesh pocket on both sides. Additionally, it has been designed to keep whatever you put in it from rattling around. The size of this case is comparable to that of the sunglasses case. With a carbon-fiber hard case, you’ll have adequate storage for the essentials and thus avoid any disappointments.


Universal Travel Case

The majority of vape cases are designed exclusively for vaping devices. While this may seem like a no-brainer, many vape cases are masquerading as pouches for other electronic gadgets. If you’re looking for a multi-purpose bag, the universal vape case is a good option.

This bad boy features an integrated organizational system that keeps stuff where they belong. Its zips open on both sides to expose separate storage compartments. The case is surrounded by a sturdy outer case ensuring that your vaping gear is safe and protected. If you’re seeking a vape case that also serves as a tool for other items, the universal travel case will do the job.


Ego Travel Case



Regardless of whether you’re a minimalist, vaping involves many pieces and components. As a result, possessing a case to keep everything organized is essential. Therefore Gin Tai designed the Ego Travel Vape Case, which is the solution to your organizational needs, whether you’re taking a road trip, jet setting, or just carrying on with your daily routine.

This vapes travel case works particularly well with disposable vape pens and box mods. It features three compartments, each distinct in size and designed to accommodate a particular size object, like a mod or a battery.

Additionally, the case features a tough, heavy-duty cloth that keeps everything inside protected. When your vaping gear is well-organized, your life feels organized as well. Ego Travel Case will make things a lot easier.


Coil Master Bag

Sure, having a compact vape case is quite convenient since it’s not heavy or massive, and it won’t occupy much room in your purse or pocket. However, small means less capacity, and because there is less space, there are fewer items. As a result, fewer components mean your vaping experience will be less diversified. Since experience counts a lot, you should seek a universal travel case rather than a tiny vape bag.

The Coil Master purse is just stunning and has a lot of storage area for its size, as well as a pocket-friendly price. A carry-all that includes everything for less than $20 is simply unbeatable. If you drop your case, you don’t have to fret about your items breaking since it’s durable. Additionally, it’s light; thus, you can move around with it without feeling as if you are carrying a brick. This travel case is perfect for those who wish to personalize their setup.


Klouders Vape Case


Best Travel Vape Cases


A cozy travel case for your vaping devices has a certain allure. It feels a lot better when you hold it, and it’s not irritating but just fantastic. Soft bags are a great choice when it comes to purchasing vape cases; thus, you need not dismiss them until you have tried one.

Everything you may need the Klouders Vape Travel Case possesses. There are pockets everywhere, and organizational conveniences abound, and yes, you can store box mods in these pockets.

The bag constitutes high-quality canvas to keep your gear from wear and tear, destroyed, or screwed up in any way. Whether you carry it onto your belt loop or on your shoulder is entirely up to you.


Conclusion – Best Travel Vape Cases

Now that you have a couple of vape cases to look out for, we hope that this article will help you make a correct decision when purchasing a travel case. There are plenty of vape cases available. It all depends on your requirements as a user and how much money you are willing to spend.


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