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5 Corner Showers Options For Small Bathrooms

Showers Options For Small Bathrooms – all you need to know.

Some say you have limited design options when you lack square footage when it comes to bathrooms and showers. However, despite a reduced footprint, it is possible to pack both style and utility into a practical design.

Therefore, it would be best to consider installing a corner shower in a small bathroom. In particular,  if you don’t prefer baths or have enough room for one that meets your size requirements and the bathroom space. A compact corner shower cabin could be the ideal solution in such circumstances.

The primary goal is to arrange a nominal bathroom area to fit in the toilet, basin, towel rack, etc. while leaving some space for figuring out how you will wash! Once again, the shower specialists



Showers Options For Small Bathrooms

Smart Price Warehouse say a corner shower for small bathrooms is a viable option in this scenario, so here are a few ideas and suggestions below.


5 Corner Showers Options For Small Bathrooms


A Cold Feed Only Small Shower Cabin

Smart in simplicity and design, the Electric range of corner shower cabins offers an easy solution. Indeed, to anyone replacing an old or fitting a new shower, where only a cold water feed is available. These can be fitted into either a small bathroom or a bedroom and are available in a compact 800mm x 800mm size. These self-contained, all-in-one showers fit up to the wall, allowing the glass back panels to cover up any mess behind, so there is no need to tile or decorate.





Small Square Glass Corner Shower

In this modern bathroom, a compact yet contemporary corner shower has a low-profiled square tray of white synthetic material. The frame and two long vertical door bar handles are metal alloy. It has two narrow walls and two sliding doors of clear glass at the front. The room’s existing walls form the shower’s interior, and they are tiled. The shower valve is the mixer type and will function off a hot and cold water supply. The showerhead is on a riser bar and can be detached as required.




Small Corner Steam Shower & Mini Bath

For some, a 900mm x 900mm corner shower would still be deemed small, so we’ve included this here because several key differences exist. This is another off-the-shelf type that comes flat-packed for assembly in the room, thus making a one-piece shower with no tiling required. So the differences? Extra to the three showering options, this one also has a steam function and a fitted steam generator. Furthermore, the high-tub base can be filled with water and act as a mini bath, thus perfect for bathing toddlers and small children.


5 Corner Showers Options For Small Bathrooms



Small Traditional Corner Shower Enclosure

This traditional corner shower enclosure is just over 800mm square and has a bi-fold shower door and low-rise shower base. For a small bathroom, a corner fitting shower such as this is an excellent solution for where space is limited. Altogether, a rather stunning and contemporary design which, in this instance, has fitted into an alcove space. With a frameless shower door at the front, the other three walls form the shower in ceramic tile finish.


5 Corner Showers Options For Small Bathrooms



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