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5 Cost-Effective & Durable Flooring Types for Your Property

For anyone performing a total home renovation or a simple floor upgrade, it can initially seem as if trying to save money is a surefire way to cutting corners and ending up with a low-quality floor. However, there are several reliable flooring types you can choose from that will stand the test of time without stretching your budget too far. These are five cost-effective yet extremely durable types of flooring you should consider for your property.



  1. Vinyl

Vinyl flooring can be used to create almost any kind of effect for any interior design style. Aside from its aesthetic versatility, it is also incredibly resilient and hardwearing compared to many other types of flooring. You can install it as larger sheets, smaller tiles, or long strips, depending on how you want it to look.


  1. Laminate

Laminate flooring has been popular for decades and is constantly being improved by designers and manufacturers. High-quality laminate flooring can easily be mistaken for other types of floors, such as natural hardwood or even stone. The surface of laminate flooring is difficult to scratch, which means that it maintains a fresh look for longer and is exceptionally easy to clean. Most natural flooring materials must be cleaned using delicate or specific products to avoid damage, but laminate is hardy and can withstand more straightforward cleaning approaches.


  1. Engineered Hardwood

If you appreciate the luxurious style of hardwood floors but don’t have the funds to install one in your own property, you can achieve the same effect for less by choosing engineered hardwood. This type of flooring is a composite of natural wood and layers of fibreboard, making each plank cheaper than its equivalent size in complete hardwood. Manufacturers design this flooring to be resistant to shrinkage and growth that natural wood normally experiences when humidity levels shift. This makes engineered hardwood a great choice for durability as well as keeping costs down.


  1. Porcelain

Just because you want to be budget-conscious doesn’t mean you have to neglect style or quality. For a smooth, elegant look that will resist damage in areas of high foot traffic, try porcelain tiles or paving. For different porcelain options, take a look at mystonefloor.com. You can find porcelain that mimics natural stone with extreme accuracy. Unlike natural stone, porcelain isn’t prohibitively expensive.


  1. Carpet Tiles

Carpet is a highly sought-after type of flooring due to the level of comfort and luxury it offers. Depending on the exact composition of the carpet, it can be incredibly insulating and soft underfoot. For added convenience, carpet tiles are a fantastic option. These segments of carpet make it easy to maintain a clean and elegant floor since spills and stains don’t pose an expensive threat, unlike regular fitted carpets.


If you are completing any kind of project where you will replace the current flooring of a property, it’s understandable to prioritize both value for money and the longevity of the floor. The five flooring types above are excellent examples of durable flooring that will serve you well without being too costly.

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