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5 Different Things To Plant In Your Garden

Different Things To Plant In Your Garden


With winter drawing to a close, you might have already started to plan what you are going to plant in your garden. There are plenty of things that you can populate your garden with, and different people will prefer different things. Here are several things that you can plan in your garden and the reasons why you might want to do so.



You might decide that you want to have a herb garden or at least herbs in part of your garden. Herbs are great because they can add real flavor to all of your meals and nothing beats fresh herbs. There are so many different kinds of herb that you grow in your garden. This means that you will probably want to select a few of your favorites and start with those. Some herbs are better grown indoors, but others are fine outside. It is worth double checking that the kind of herb that you want to grow will survive outdoors or if it needs to be kept inside. Herbs make a great addition to your garden, but they won’t be the only thing that you grow in it. They can fill a small space really well since most of them don’t grow particularly big and you will be cutting bits off and removing them for use in your cooking anyway.



There are so many types of flower that there is very little point even attempting to list them here. If you have a favorite type of flower, then you should plant those. If not, then you might want to pick a theme or color. If you pick a theme, then you will get all the flowers that match that theme. This might mean picking a flower species or place that they are from and planting them in your garden that way. When picking a color, you will want to get a lot of blue flowers, or red flowers, or any other color. None of them will be the exact same color, and this will create some great tones throughout your garden and have a lovely effect.


While flowers can’t be used in food and you can’t eat them, they look amazing. Flowers can add some much-needed color to your garden and house. They give a wonderful impression of you whenever you have guests and tending them can be a nice hobby each weekend. If you aren’t sure what flowers to plant when or need help picking which flowers to plant in the first place, then there are plenty of online resources that you can use. There are also a lot of books written on the matter, so you can always pick one of those up as well.



Few gardens are complete without some kind of grass. If you decide to grow your grass from scratch, then you will need grass seeds. However, you might want to just buy some turf and plant it that way. Using grass seeds can be harder, but allows you to grow many different kinds of grass. There is more to grass than a simple lawn. You can grow all kinds of different and interesting types of grass in your garden. Don’t forget that you will need to mow your lawn regularly. This will help to ensure that it doesn’t start to look overgrown. You will also want to make sure that the grass doesn’t start growing in your other plant patches as you want them to be left for your flowers, herbs, etc.



You might decide to grow a tree or two in your garden. Trees are probably best grown in large gardens, but if you grow them from a pot or when they are small, then they can go in any garden. Growing a tree in your garden can be a fantastic idea. If it is planted into the ground, there is likely not a lot you need to do other than water it when it is young. After that, you can leave it to its own devices to grow and flourish. Planting a tree can be a great idea if you plan to live in your house for a long time as the tree will live for a long time. Each year you can watch it grow and see it turn from a small sapling into a mighty tree. This is a long-term satisfaction that you might not get from other types of plant.


Another reason to grow a tree is for fruit. Planting an apple, pear or plum tree will give you fruit each year and these can either be eaten raw or cooked in a delicious dessert. Fruit trees are a great addition to a garden and an excellent way to get some delicious fruit each year. If you have grown the tree from when it was young, then you can essentially get free fruit each year which is a nice bonus. Fruit trees have the same appeals normal trees only they don’t tend to grow as large, but give fruit in return.



Growing vegetables is incredibly rewarding. The more you look after and care for your vegetables the better the reward will be. You will get seasonal vegetables each year which you can use to cook with or eat raw. If you grow carrots all you need to do is give them a wash, and you can have yourself a lovely homegrown snack. There are so many different kinds of vegetable that you can grow. You will want to pick your favourite vegetables or the ones that you eat the most often. It can be a lot harder to grow certain vegetables than others, so if you are a beginner then pick something easy for your first year. You might also want to get a greenhouse in your garden. Certain kinds of vegetable will need a greenhouse in order to grow, and you can even put young plants in there over the winter to help keep them warm and so that they don’t die.


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