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5 Eco-Friendly Project Ideas For School Students

There are so many risk factors that affect our environment, all of which bring about ecological challenges. These risk factors include climate change, deforestation, pollution, natural disasters, technology, production, and many more. All of these impact the environmental crisis we face daily. As these environmental challenges advance, caring for our environment is the only way to curb them.

One of the helpful ways of caring for our environment is teaching our students about the environment. Students can write essays on ecological care and even hire “buy essay cheap” services to write them. However, students don’t necessarily need to write about ecological care to learn about it. They can also participate actively in caring for our environment.

How do they do this? By embarking on eco-friendly projects that help to enhance our environment. Therefore, teachers should task students with activities that enable them to exercise care for the environment. Here are some project ideas for green living students can embark upon.



Eco-Friendly Project Ideas For School Students


Grow A Garden In The School

One of the easiest eco-friendly projects students can embark on in school is growing a garden. Students can either grow flowers, vegetables, or fruits. The school garden is an excellent place to practice this.

The school gardening project is beneficial in many ways. The grown plants help the environment; they can also be used in the school’s cafeteria or sent to food banks. The importance of eco-friendly projects like this is that students learn from them while growing healthy greens.

The project is a blend of work and education. The best part? It comes with transferable skills that can be used in other areas.


Practice Recycling At School

Littering of trash and plastics in school brings about natural pollution. Teachers need to teach their students that this is wrong and engage them in ways to make it right. Designing a recycling project involves students gathering and cleaning plastic litter and sending them to recycling facilities.

The importance of this project is that students learn faster about the impact of littering the environment and about recycling and reusing as well. Students also transfer knowledge to friends and family.


Tree Planting

Tree planting is another eco-friendly project idea that students can embark on. This one can be done both inside the school premises and outside. Through this project, students begin to learn more about the usefulness of tree planting. Teachers can also seize this opportunity to educate students about trees’ absorption of carbon dioxide and oxygen production.

Many students don’t know that tree planting is eco-friendly, but joining projects like this teaches them. Fast-growing trees are the best kinds of trees to grow for this project. This way, students watch the trees grow and the result of their efforts.


Launch A ‘Green’ Competition

A green competition is a total of the previous-listed eco-friendly projects. A project like this allows many students to stay involved as much as possible. Teachers can divide students into groups and task them to practice one eco-friendly activity over time.

The result is that students are split into partaking in various eco-friendly projects, and the groups/students with the best results win a prize for it. Green competition fosters healthy competition amongst students as they focus on achieving the best result that’ll benefit our environment.


Start A ‘Water Bottle’ Campaign

A water bottle campaign is equivalent to a recycling campaign. However, with this one, students are not focused on picking up and sending all kinds of plastic bottles to recycle. They engage in activities that reduce the litter of plastics.

The project involves using only reusable water bottles, making them mandatory, which in turn reduces plastic waste. The thing about this project is that subsequently, it becomes part of students, and they rarely use disposable plastics.



There are a lot of eco-friendly projects students can embark on. These projects might seem minor, but in the long run, they add up and positively impact our environment.

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