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5 Fabulous Harry Potter Gifts

I have for you – 5 fabulous Harry Potter Gifts that you will adore! 

My daughter has included a few Harry Potter gifts on her Christmas list as she does each and every year. I’ve just found a few more Harry Potter gifts she will love.

She is a rather huge fan.

Last weekend we went to London and she perused the Harry Potter lego in a toy shop. She wanted all of it!

Bless her.

Recently L and her daddy started watching the Harry Potter films. She has seen them all before and adores them and wanted him to share in the experience. She (and she is only 11) bought a preloved box set so she could share the full Harry Potter movie experience with her dad. I think that is just so sweet, don’t you?

Let me share with you 5 Harry Potter gifts that I know she would just LOVE to receive.


Harry Potter Marauders Map A5 Wiro Notebook

This is a wonderful notebook for Potter fans, My daughter is a huge fiction writer and would absolutely love this hardbacked notebook! I wonder what she’d write about in it? Let’s hope her stories are as successful as JK Rowlings!


Harry Potter Gifts


Cauldron Mug

My daughter is also a rather huge hot chocolate fan and what better to have it in than your very own cauldron cup! How cool is that!



Quidditch world cup print

How splendid this framed Quidditch world cup print would look on the wall of my daughter’s bedroom. I love it too!


5 fabulous Harry Potter Gifts



Gryffindor Lanyard

This Lanyard is lots of fun and perfect for Potter dressing up!




Hermiones’s Light Painting Wand

Ah isn’t this a beautiful wand!  I know she would just adore this!


So there you go MY List of Harry Potter gifts for Christmas. I know she would love them all.


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