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5 Fabulous Reasons to Visit the Norfolk Broads

Reasons to visit the Norfolk Broads – lets take a look. 

My family and I have had several fabulous holidays in Norfolk. We have mainly visited the areas of Wells and Holkham and been out to see the seals from Blakeney point. Just beautiful. Norfolk has so much to offer and we always return form there feeling both rested and replenished.

From Nottingham where we live it is not far at all and it is our happy place. i think we have been each and every year since ur babies were bornn and they are now 17 and 13. Thats some years of visiting Norfolk under our belt! 


Great reasons to visit the Norfolk Broads

 Next on my list of places to visit in Norfolk are the Norfolk Broads. I have heard so much about this unique and unusual areas.

These are the reasons I am longing to take my family for a visit:


reasons to visit the Norfolk Broads


5 Reasons to visit the Norfolk Broads


Sailing on the broads

The Norfolk Broads are 125 miles of open waterways, uninterrupted by locks.  They are a complex of rivers, large lakes, and dykes set between Norwich and the Norfolk/Suffolk coastlines.  They are perfect for sailing and there are paddle boat steamers to ride, barges and even canoes for hire. They are just waiting to be explored. Have a look here for boat hire

Apparently, this was the area that inspired the book Swallows and Amazons..there really is nothing quite like messing about in boats is there!


reasons to visit the Norfolk Broads


Wroxham Barns

Wroxham Barns is an award-winning visitor attraction set int he countryside close to the broads. It has craft studios where you can see artisans at work as well as visit boutiques, craft studios, a kids’ farm, funfair, and restaurant.  Perfect place to visit ion a rainy day!


Reasons to visit the Norfolk Broads  – Walking the broads

The Norfolk Broads is considered a brilliant place for walking whatever your fitness levels. It has over 190 miles of footpaths and nature trails. Have a look here to find out more about the variety of fabulous walks it offers. It looks such a beautiful area.



Fun reasons to visit the Norfolk Broads – Bewilderwood

Near the Norfolk Broads, you will also find Bewilderwood a huge, award-winning adventure park set in beautiful woodland. Bewilderwood has tree-houses, zip wires, storytelling, fantastical creatures and is a huge hit with children, The park is built largely with natural materials and so it is in tune with its setting. It looks enchanting!


Reasons to visit the Norfolk Broads – Charming cottages

There are a host of beautiful cottages in Norfolk as well as barns and lodges set in the most beautiful villages and countryside. The Broads are a delightful part of Norfolk and they look the most lovely place to visit. There is so much to do you most definitely will want to settle in and stay a while.


Reasons to Visit the Norfolk Broads


Wildlife reasons to visit the Norfolk Broads

The Broads are protected wetlands and as such, they are just teeming with wildlife. You can expect to see the Swallowtail butterfly, Britain’s largest butterfly, unique to the Broads, appearing in the summer months. You can also expect to see otters, water voles, the Chinese water deer and possibly some grey seals, dragonflies and oh so much more.

How fabulous.




reasons to visit the Norfolk Broads


Doesn’t it look just the best place to visit? I can just imagine staying in a little cottage like Greengages Lodge, packing up a picnic and canoeing with the kids to a lovely spot along the river!

Have you been to the Norfolk Broads? There truly are just so many great reasons to visit the Norfolk Broads.

 If you have  been or are planning to go please do drop me a line and tell me all about it – I do always love to hear form you especially about your travels 


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reasons to visit the Norfolk Broads



What are the Norfolk broads famous for?  (5 more fabulous ideas of things to do there) 


  1. Scenic Landscapes: The Norfolk Broads are renowned for their scenic beauty. The waterways are surrounded by picturesque villages, windmills, thatched cottages, and vast open landscapes. It’s a peaceful and tranquil setting that attracts many nature lovers and artists.
  2. Fishing: The Broads are a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts. The waterways offer opportunities to catch a variety of fish species, including pike, perch, bream, and roach. Fishing permits are required, and certain areas may have restrictions, so it’s advisable to check local regulations.
  3.  Cycling: The Norfolk Broads provide  cycling trails, allowing visitors to explore the area on foot or by bike. The trails often pass through scenic countryside, charming villages, and nature reserves, providing a wonderful way to experience the beauty of the Broads.
  4. Local Culture and History: The Norfolk Broads have a rich cultural and historical heritage. Traditional sailing vessels, such as the Norfolk Wherry, are an integral part of the area’s history. There are also museums and visitor centres where you can learn about the history, culture, and ecology of the Broads.
  5. Great pubs! Yes what could be better than sitting in a lovely pub or eatery by the side of the waterways. Blissful.



Overall, the Norfolk Broads are famous for their natural landscapes, boating opportunities, wildlife, and peaceful ambiance, offering a unique and memorable experience for visitors. Could this be the perfect holiday spot for you and yours?


Norfolk broads boat hire

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