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5 Great Destinations for Animal Enthusiasts

Destinations for Animal Enthusiasts – let’s take a look  at some great places.

Animal enthusiasts are actually very lucky people because the world is full of places where they can do the one thing they love the most – sit back and enjoy watching some of the world’s most beautiful animals.

Here are 5 great destinations for animal enthusiasts that they will absolutely want to put on their bucket lists. Oh whata wonderful world we have indeed.


Great Destinations for Animal Enthusiasts


Great Destinations for Animal Enthusiasts


Portugal, Peneda-Gerês National Park

Complimenting the rich and diverse fauna of the Peneda-Gerês National Park in Portugal are the giant oaks that are scattered around this region. On a trip, tourists can get to spot herds of Roe deer, Iberian wolfs and striking Garrano ponies running free in the wild.


Go on a Migration Safari in Tanzania

This east African state of Tanzania is one of the richest countries when it comes to animal population.

There are three world-renowned safaris, each of them attracting wildlife biologists, scientists and of course tourists. Tourists are guaranteed to come across some of the most rare and unique animals including – wildebeests, massive herds of buffalo, African Elephants, giraffes, native deer, elands, topis, kongonis, impalas and even gazelles.

The Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti are often on the bucket list of people planning a safari holiday here since they have all the three species of wild cats – leopards, tigers and lions are available for spotting all throughout the year.

The only problem with visiting Tanzania is that there simply is not enough time to fully explore this wonderful place to one’s heart’s content.


Destinations for Animal Enthusiasts

Elk Spotting in Sweden

Wandering through the forests of Sweden is the ideal way to spot elks and beavers existing serenely in their natural territories. The woodlands of Dalsland have a wealth of moose population as well.

Destinations for Animal Enthusiasts


North Pole Expedition

Enclosed by ice and in complete darkness for majority of the year, the North Pole is accessible only for a small period of time. If tourists visit too early in the year, darkness and tremendously cold temperatures overcome the desire of exploration.

If the trip is made too late in the year, the frozen Arctic Ocean thaws and the region gets enshrouded by water. However, this small window of time is enough to spot the majestic Polar Bears, Seals, Walruses and the wonderful Arctic Fox.

For any animal lover, to see their populations thrive in such harsh conditions will definitely be a delight. Of course, there is an added bonus of spotting some great Whales from the ship while the tourists are on the way.


Wildlife Tour in Borneo

The speed boat journey which takes tourists up to The Mantanani Islands, a gathering of three far-off landmasses in Borneo, serves as the ideal build to the excitement that will follow. The island’s crystal clear aquatic backdrops are full of rare and unique forms of life. T

The white beaches are full of sea turtles, and the water is so clear, that spotting exotic fish is very easy.

Destinations for Animal Enthusiasts

The endangered sea-cow called ‘dugong’ is native to Borneo and it is quite the example of evolution. When you’re planning your holiday to Borneo you should factor in plenty of time for scuba diving and snorkelling as these are the best ways to observe Borneo’s magnificent aquatic wildlife.

These places are must-visits for anyone looking to explore diverse wildlife populations around the world.

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