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5 Easy & Great Jobs for Travelling Couples

Jobs for Travelling Couples can be fun , easy , great and interesting but where to find them? 

Travelling as a couple can be expensive. From food to accommodation to tours, it is not easy on the wallet, especially if you plan to do a long-term holiday.

Fortunately, there are plenty of job opportunities that can open up. Here are some of the best jobs that can be promising ways to sustain the expenses of travelling.

Great Jobs for Travelling Couples

Great Jobs for Travelling Couples

Here are some awesome ideas on great jobs for travelling couples

Get a Bar Job in Australia

Do you love to drink? Do you love socializing with people? Do you have excellent communication skills? A bar job in Australia might be the right choice for you.

There are plenty of bars in the country and many of them are accepting short-term workers on an as-needed basis.

The most common bar job is being a bartender or mixologist. You can also work as a part of the wait staff or the management. In some cases, all that you have to do is to distribute flyers and other marketing materials to entice guests to drink at the bar where you work.

The only problem with working in Australia is that you’ll love it so much you won’t want to leave!


Work on a Yacht in Greece

As a country that is popular for its islands and beaches, one of the best ways to explore Greece is on a yacht.

You do not have to buy or rent your own yacht to make this possible. Instead, couples can look for jobs where they will be working on a yacht. Aside from being able to earn, it gives you the chance to go around the islands in the most stylish way possible and without punching holes in your wallet.

You can work as a crew, steward, bartender, or chef, among others.

 Jobs for Travelling Couples

Teach English in Thailand

If you are a native English speaker, you might want to consider travelling and teaching in Thailand. There are many opportunities in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. You need to have credentials if you want a higher paying job. For those who would like to do charity work, you can also teach English as a volunteer. More often than not, however, as long as you are a native speaker, it is not hard to find a job as an English teacher.


Work in a Private Household in England

You can apply for a domestic household job when you are in England, but in most instances, you need to secure a work visa or permit.

Couples may find themselves working in two separate households. Some jobs would require staying in, while others may be more lenient and will require you to work only on specific hours, depending on your job description.

Some of the most common domestic work includes chauffeurs, gardeners, cleaners, cooks, and nannies, among others.


Ski Season Jobs in Switzerland

Since Switzerland is a country that is popular for skiing, there are plenty of jobs available during the ski season.

Regardless of your interests and expertise, you can take more than one job, depending on your financial needs. The most obvious job is being a ski instructor, especially for those who have certifications and credentials to teach.

Other ski season jobs to consider include chalet staff, maintenance staff, chef, and hotel personnel, among others.

Great Jobs for Travelling Couples


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