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5 Great Staycation Ideas in the UK

Today – Great Staycation Ideas in the UK

Whether the plan is to save some money or to make a quick getaway, a UK escape is the ideal solution for a low-priced staycation. Packed with ancient villages full of unexplored cultural gems and seaside settlements that offer remarkable views and entertaining activities, here are 5 great staycation ideas in the UK.

Great Staycation Ideas in the UK


Great Staycation Ideas in the UK

Visit Devon

A tourist will find it very easy to make a lifetime of memories in Devon’s stunning bay. The region has splendid sandy beaches and spectacular scenery, it is perfect for any coastal staycation plan, be it one involving kids or a romantic getaway. Devon has always been a family favourite owing to its remarkable miniature village, splendid gardens and the brilliant illumination shows in the evening. Needless to say, there’s a lot to do. There are a lot of rooms and cottages available for as little as £50 per night.

Canal Boat Journey

Going on a canal journey can be as long or short as you like. If you are short on time, you can just spend the weekend on a canal adventure, or if you have longer you can spend your time exploring wherever you like. The whole of England is connected through the canal system. If you’re visiting London, then canal boat journey tours typically run from Little Venice to Camden Lock – two beautiful residential spots in London. It takes an hour to complete a one way trip. There are a lot of hotels and guesthouses in the region. Travellers can take a guided tour to learn all about the canal’s rich history from 19th century to present day.


Saluted as a typical Victorian town with a present-day twist, Southport is perfect for tourists looking for a short staycation. Home to awe-inspiring beaches, an entire host of bargain hunting quarters, golf courses, casinos and theatres – travellers can also get the perfect sense of countryside life with picturesque flowers surrounding aviaries and playgrounds all across the region. Plus, there are great cafes for dining. There are plenty of cheap hotels in the region, ideally suited for small staycations. For travellers making a short trip, residing in Liverpool which is quite close is also a great option.

South London

Be it  going for an exciting football game at Stamford Bridge, or experiencing a taste of history in the Imperial War Museum, Lambeth– the possibilities for a traveller in South London are limitless. Their is so much to do.  Exploring London can get a little expensive, however, if you decide which attractions you’d like to visit, then you might be able to save money by getting the London Pass. The experience of seeing 11th Century Gothic Architecture and 1960 Rock N’ Roll Clubs, will make any staycation in South London very special indeed.

Great Staycation Ideas in the UK

Pembrokeshiremakes for Great Staycation Ideas in the UK

Packed with almost anything one can expect from a staycation – be it sandy beaches or miles of picturesque coastal pathways or magnificent castles, a staycation in Pembrokeshire is a must for those who seek peaceful getaways. Historical places of attraction include the splendid Pembroke Castle, a breath-taking bastion on the shores of River Cleddau, where the green landscape is extremely picturesque.

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