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5 ideas for dates with yourself

Ideas for dates with yourself – here would you go and what would you do?


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5 ideas for dates with yourself

I think whether you are single or in a relationship that it is really important to get some dates in the diary where you hang out with you.

Dates with yourself are cool!

Do you ever do this?

If not, why not resolve this month to give it a try.

Rather than simply be reactive and wait for others to be available or to arrange things with you, earmarked time where you treat/spend time enjoying life by yourself is really important. It absolutely does not have to feel awkward and there are just so many ways you can do this.

Here are a few fun ideas for your date with you ( but I’m sure you will be able to think up many more):


Awesome ideas for dates with yourself

1) A meal somewhere lovely – going for a meal on your own does not have to be embarrassing, a good book or a podcast can be your dating companion and I really don’t think these days anyone bats an eyelid.

If you are self-conscious though you could always take some delicious food on a picnic for one or order a fabulous take out for one. Sucha treat and totally up to you what you want to eat. Oh, the power! I love not having to compromise on where my takeaway is from!

2) How about going to the movies..no shame in doing that alone and absolutely no one to have to share the popcorn with or argue over which movie you are going to see. If this doesn’t work for you choose a DVD or binge watch a Netflix series of whatever you want.

3) How about a trip to the casino? I love a flutter on the roulette me (I only take what I can comfortably afford to lose and really take my time. It’s so much fun no one would care /notice you were on your own. An alternative is to have a go at Live Casino you still get a live croupier and the chance for a fun flutter ( don’t forget to know your limit though!)

4) Or, how about a lovely walk somewhere beautiful (take your iPod and walk a safe/not isolated route) You can absolutely be your own best company and it is a great time to think. I have been training for a marathon this year and have walked miles and miles along canals and by rivers and I think it is just the best therapy ever!

5) How about a solo trip to the spa. How lovely this would be, you will be able to spend as long as you want in the pool or in the jacuzzi without having to fit in with your friends. Home spas are an option too, if that doesn’t float your boat. Here is a lovely home spa bath salts recipe you can make yourself.


You get to decide when it comes to ideas for dates with yourself

So ideas for dates with yourself – can be amazing, everything is your decision, you do not have to compromise and if you feel a little uncomfortable with heading out alone then there are creative ways around it.

Let me know how you get on!


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ideas for dates with yourself


Over to you for more ideas for dates with yourself

I hope you have enjoyed these ideas for dates with yourself if you have any ideas for dates with yourself I would absolutely love to hear them so do drop me a comment below


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