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5 of the Best Interior Design Trends 2023

If you are looking for the best interior design trends 2023 then you have come to the right place. The list could of course go on and on there are so many variants of what is cool in interior’s in any given year but I have selected the most popular and to my mind the best of what’s on offer in interiors in 2023/2024.


Best Interior Design Trends 2023

Interior Design Trends 2023


Best Interior Design Trends 2023

There are some lovely design trends around this year and nature and natural tones are key this year.



Calm (but interesting) Bedrooms

Muted colours like mustard and plum and earthy tones like warm creams, clay and coral are big in bedrooms in 2023. Wallpaper is also having it’s moment in the bedroom.

Our sleeping space is more sacred than ever and we want it to be all things, cosy, cool and comfy.

Beds matter too.

Divan beds feature a hollow wooden base where the mattress sits and most come with built-in drawer storage. Because of  this divan beds  are practical and a great way to get rid of clutter and keep everything tidy. They can help bring a minimalistic look to a bedroom.

Ottoman beds are also going to be popular in 2023 as they raise to give tons of storage underneath and are the most practical of  solutions. You can focus on creating your perfect bedroom interior knowing all your bedding and clutter is safely stashed away. 


Best Interior Design Trends 2023

Best Interior Design Trends 2023


Going for Gold in Interior Design Trends 2023

Gold is reputedly not only back but back to stay when it comes to interiors.

Gold accents can be added to a room in so many ways. For example, gold wall art can be used to bring a touch of glamour and sophistication to the walls. Additionally, furniture with gold accents such as a coffee table with gold legs (see below) or an armchair with gold detailing can help to bring a luxurious feel to the room.

Finally, lighting fixtures with gold finishes such as a chandelier or wall sconces can add a touch of elegance and create a warm, inviting atmosphere. No matter which option you choose, adding gold accents to your decor elevates the look and feel of your interior space.


Best Interior Design Trends 2023

Note the rug! Checks are going to be big in Interior Design Trends 2023 too.


Listening rooms 

A listening room is essentially a music room, a place and space for you to chill out pop on your vinyl and totally kick back. We are all taking our self care and down time more seriously these days knowing how good it is for our mental health.

Creating a listening room is a beautiful idea with relaxation, enjoyment , entertainment and wellbeing at the heart of it. I’m thinking big beanbags, muted tones, lots of throws and  soundproofing! 


Best Interior Design Trends 2023

Best Interior Design Trends 2023


Living walls in Interior Design Trends

Creating a living wall with potted plants can add beauty and life to your home. Living walls not only look good, but can also help to purify the air in your home by absorbing pollutants. They can also help reduce noise levels, improve insulation, and even reduce energy costs.

Planting a variety of plants in the wall will help to create a lush, vibrant look. Succulents, ferns, and other low-maintenance plants are great for living walls. You can also experiment with different colours and textures to create a unique look. With the right combination of plants, you can create a beautiful living wall that will bring life to any room.

If a living wall isn’t for you just go well OTT with your planting instead it is a spectacular look. And if that’s STILL too much care and attention required for your liking go for  nature inspired wallpaper instead.


Best Interior Design Trends 2023


Arch – itecture

Arches are big news in interior design trends 2023.

Whilst completely contemporary, an arch design also harkens back to ancient civilizations and looks effortlessly cool. It’s a classic choice for adding a touch of style and sophistication to any home. Whether you create an arched doorway between rooms, an arched reading corner or simply introduce an arched mirror this doesn’t have to be a difficult trend to incorporate. 


Best Interior Design Trends 2023


Best Interior Design Trends 2023 – which one is your favourite?

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