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Finishing touches for your room makeover

finishing touches for your room makeover

When it comes to redecorating a room, sometimes the finishing touches are the most important part. You’ve completed the hard work and now it’s time to have some fun!


The best finishing touches for your room makeover

Putting your creative stamp on the place you’ve put together will make your home your own.


1.    Revamp old furniture

You don’t have to spend huge amounts of money when it comes to achieving a new look in your home. One way to change the style in a certain room is to look into creative ways of restoring old furniture. From something as simple as giving an old chair a quick varnish, to adding the likes of distressed chalk paint to a wardrobe, there are a number of options available. Both tired looking chairs and soft furnishings can be brought back to life with a new cover or cushion, whilst swapping dismal drawer handles for a variety of quirky styles will create an eclectic look that doesn’t cost the earth.


2.    Creative uses for colourful fabrics

 Dressing your sash windows is a great way to add an instant injection of colour to a minimalistic room. You may have an old piece of fabric lying around, if not, you can buy various styles and sizes from your local haberdashery shop. If you’re using silk, it’s wise to mount the material onto a cotton or thermal blackout lining first. This will give it substance and prevent it from moving too much. If you have any fabric left over, fashion a few cushions out of this. Matching accessories will tie the entire room together.


3.    Invest in a vase of flowers

 It’s amazing the difference a simple potted plant or a vase of colourful flowers can make to a room. Aside from the many decorative pots available, there are a number of plant species and floral arrangements to choose from. If you wish to invest in a plant that will last a little longer, opt for a potted orchid



4.    Lights

Using the correct lighting in a room is extremely important. If you’ve decided to decorate the study or the kitchen, a brighter work-efficient light may be more appropriate. For the living room or bedroom, a softer hue will create a more relaxing ambience.


finishing touches for your room makeover


5.    Add artwork to a bare wall – finishing touches for your room makeover

Whether you opt for a colourful poster or a vibrant set of prints, neutral walls will be given an instant lift when adorned with artwork. If the rest of your room is minimalistic in style, any colour painting will suffice. If you have a particular theme in place, try and choose a style that will tie in with this.


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