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5 Personalised Gift Ideas for 5 Different Milestones

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Personalised Gift Ideas

Life is full of exciting milestones that are meant to be celebrated, including graduations, engagements, and parenthood. However, gift-giving can be easier said than done sometimes. When it comes to celebrating some iconic moments, you want to ensure you get it right. This is where our handy guide can help you out. Here are five personalised, thoughtful gift ideas for five different milestones in your loved ones’ lives.


  1. Graduation

Years of lectures, exams, dedication and hard work lead up to this fulfilling moment. All of it culminates with the incredible accolade of getting a degree. Without a doubt, a graduation is a bottle-popping occasion and worthy of something a little extra special. Why not splurge for a customised bottle of champagne? Order a customisable label with their name or a little inside joke printed on it. Then, stick it over the bottle and wrap it up before presenting it to your loved one.


  1. Engagement

The night a couple gets engaged is one they’ll want to remember for the rest of their lives, so get them a gift that makes it easy. If you know the date that the couple got engaged, you can get a custom print of the constellations that appeared in the sky that night. You can also include a little personalised text at the bottom along the lines of “the night she said yes.” It’s a heartfelt and unique way of congratulating the happy couple on their marriage proposal. You can find prints like these on sites like Etsy.


  1. A New Pet

If you’re looking for a creative way to welcome a new furry member of the family, there are loads of unique and quirky gifts you can get for such an occasion. It could be a personalised card or an art print with some of the traits of that particular dog breed. Maybe it’s an enamel pin of the new pet, or a felt animal hanging decoration your loved one can display in their home. When it comes to congratulating someone on a new pet, the personalised gift options are endless.


  1. A New Job

While starting a new job is an exciting transition, it can also be a bit stressful. Meeting new people and learning the ropes of a new position can all be overwhelming. If you know someone who just landed a new job, there’s a good chance they’ll need something to rest and rejuvenate.

Consider sending them a customised self-care package. Throw in some face masks, a bath bomb, or a scented candle. You can also throw in a personalised card congratulating them on their success. By giving them a relaxation-oriented gift, you’ll help them combat any new job anxiety they may be feeling.


  1. A New Baby

A brand-new baby is such a blessing, and certainly cause for celebration. To welcome the little one and congratulate the new parents, you’ll want to send something personal from the heart.

A customised book is the perfect gift to do exactly that. There are several sites through which you can order children’s books that include the names of the baby and parents. Oftentimes, you can even alter the illustrations to match certain traits of the baby or parents to personalise it even more.


Although gift-giving is sometimes a tricky process, it doesn’t have to be. Hopefully, with the help of this guide, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect personalised gift for any milestone.

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