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5 Great Reasons to Start Playing Golf

Reasons to start playing golf

Keeping fit and active throughout your life is key for staying in good health. If you’re a sports lover, there are many activities you can do that will get your heart pumping and keep you in good shape.

For those who are after a sport that can clear the mind and give you something new to focus on, why not consider golf? Millions of Americans swear by the game and love nothing more than hitting the course and playing a round.


Reasons to Start Playing Golf


5 Reasons to Start Playing Golf

If you’re on the fence, here are just a few reasons why you should start playing golf.


Great Exercise

We all understand the importance of regular exercise. Whether it’s heading to the gym, working out at home, or playing sports, you may not realize how beneficial golf can be for your physical and mental wellbeing.

Many golf courses are vast in size, meaning you will spend a large chunk of your time on your feet heading from A to B. In fact, you can end up walking more than 4 miles by the end of your game, so if you’re looking to up your step count, you’re sure to achieve it by playing a game of golf.


Reasons to Start Playing Golf


Be Outdoors – Reasons to start playing golf

With many of us being cooped up indoors over the last year due to COVID-19, you may be itching to get outside. If this sounds like you, getting out in the fresh air and heading to a golf course can be a great way to get the most of being outdoors. Being outside can provide all sorts of health benefits, such as helping you sleep better, lowering blood pressure, and boosting creative thinking.

If you play golf in the summer months, make sure you pack plenty of sunscreen in your luggage, otherwise you’re at risk of sunburn. You should also drink plenty of water to keep hydrated.


Builds Character

One of the challenges you will face when playing golf is becoming frustrated. While some people take to the game within an instant, others need more time to perfect their skills. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t get to grips with the rulebook straight away. Over time, you will notice improvements in your play which helps to build character and provides a huge sense of accomplishment. As you get used to the game, you should notice a huge difference in your confidence and self-belief. To help you on your journey, there are mats you can purchase which are great for putting practice.


Opportunity to Socialize

For those who love being around others, joining a golfing community can be a great chance to socialize with likeminded individuals. If you’re hesitant about heading to a golf course alone, you can rest assured that there will be someone close by to talk to and get help from as and when you need it. As you begin chatting to other golfers, you can build great friendships both on and off the golf course.


Promotes Peace and Relaxation

There are all kinds of daily stresses that we endure. Whether it’s because of work or family, getting to escape from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life is important. When heading to a golf course and playing a game, being out in the open air can instantly promote peace, relaxation and help you feel calm. If you visit the golf course early in the morning, you may find you’re only one of a few who are there, giving you the whole course to yourself.

Whether you’ve played the sport before, or you’ve never picked up a club, there are so many reasons why you should consider playing golf. If you’re looking to challenge yourself and try something different, golf can be a great sport that keeps stress levels at bay and provides a sense of accomplishment.


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