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5 Signs it’s Time to Move Up the Property Ladder

Today we are going to take a look at 5 signs it’s time to move up the property ladder.

Getting on the property ladder is, arguably, one of the biggest steps we will ever take – so much so that it can take a while for us to recover, and get over that ‘never moving again’ feeling.

It is almost inevitable, however, that at some time or another we will begin to wonder whether or not it’s time to pack up and take another step up the ladder.



5 Signs it’s Time to Move Up the Property Ladder

If you are considering a fresh start, then read more about the signs that it’s time to find a new home for yourself below.


1.Your Family is Growing

Even the perfect home can begin to feel a little imperfect as we begin to grapple with the logistics of squeezing additional beds into matchbox rooms, a new starter car into the garage, or drawing up an extra highchair at the dining room table.

If your family home is beginning to rip apart at the seams, then it just might be time for you to trade it in for something with a little more space for a few extra pairs of feet. Similarly, you will be in a better position to hunt down the best areas for schools, and ensure that you are located squarely within their catchment area.


2. You Feel Your House is Restricting Your Lifestyle

If having guests over, entertaining, or simply enjoying a long weekend at home all feel difficult against the backdrop of a small, cramped home, then moving to a location that offers you more freedom and space in which to live your lives may well be the most effective solution.

Whether you are looking for a spare bedroom, an at-home office, or a living room with enough floorspace to accommodate more than one other guest, moving up the property ladder could enable you to transform your lifestyle, and stop you from missing out on the things you want to do.


3. Your Commute is Frustrating, or Unsustainable

Whether the job preceded the house, or vice versa, it can take some time for us to realise that a lengthy commute is not something that we would like to continue doing indefinitely. What was once a gung-ho attitude will, with time likely fade to frustration, boredom, or a sense that we are losing the better part of the day to the same stretch of motorway.

It may be that, when you initially bought your house, the cost of living closer to work was too much to handle. After a few years of building equity and climbing the career ladder, however, it may well be a brilliant time to move up another rung on the property ladder, too.




4.The Area is Limited

We never really get to know a new area until we have had the opportunity to live in it for a few years. If you are beginning to feel that your current house presents some limitations for entertainment and things to do – whether you have to make a trip up the motorway for a good restaurant, or catch the train everytime you want to reach the high street – then moving to a new area could be just what you need.




5. You’ve Build Up Equity, and the Market is Right for You

Even if your home is still enough to make you happy, making use of the equity you’ve built around your home – particularly at a time when the market, and your personal finances, are doing well – is a fantastic way of improving your position on the property ladder, and investing into your future.

Remember that, when it comes to selling up and moving on, the process can be a little more complicated than it was when you first stepped foot onto the property ladder. Working with a qualified conveyancing solicitor with detailed knowledge of the area will ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible, and that you don’t encounter any unexpected setbacks before, during, or after the sale goes through.

If you are moving within the Gloucestershire area, for instance, then researching conveyancing solicitors Cheltenham will mean that you have access to a wealth and knowledge and expertise particular to the area, and that you always have access to help and advice when you need it.



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