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5 simple healthy living choices that will also save you money

When people think about making healthy choices they often worry about the expense. These expenses could  involve funding a special diet, buying fancy new juicer, paying for a gym membership and workout gear , perhaps a new bike?

Healthy choices do not ever have to be expensive they can in fact be super simple and even money-saving!

Here are 5 of my favourite healthy living choices that can also save you money.


simple healthy living choices


1. Water

Water out of the tap is completely free and so good for you. You really do not have to buy endless plastic bottles – so bad for the environment anyhow. A glass of water and a refillable bottle are really all you need. Drinking plenty of water is good for your brain, your organs, your weight and your skin. And yay! it is free.


2. Walking

Oh how I love to walk, it saves you money on travel and it is such a gret gentle workout. Not only is it really good for your physical health but it gives you pace to think things through and can be wonderful mindfulness allowing you to be present and alert to your experiences


3.  Giving up smoking

Oh it can b so hard to stop an addictive habit can’t it but blimey smoking is SUCH an unhealthy and expensive one . The benefits to giving up are massive. You could go cold turkey or you could try vaping?

Vape batteries from Grey Haze will set you back far less than cigarettes.


4. Exercise classes

YouTube is your friend for this one or how about a  DVD form a car boot sale or charity shop.  You save on travel too by not having to leave your home !


5. Sports clothes

Who cares about labels? As long as your sports clothes are breathable and comfortable then you are good to go. Don’t get caught up on brands – it will save you a  small fortune!


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