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5 Simple Ways to Improve your Home Insulation

If you are looking for simple ways to improve your home insulation, I have some great ideas here that you may not have considered.  Major work and cost can be avoided when it comes to insulating your home and who needs that in the winter!


Simple Ways to Improve your Home Insulation


Simple Ways to Improve your Home Insulation

Do have a read of my suggestions and do let me know in the comments below if you have tried any of these or if you are considering them. We need to keep cosy and insulating our homes is a great way achieve that and also a good way to keep heating costs down at a time when they are rising rapidly (along with the cost of everything else!)  Here are 5 fab ways you can achieve this. 


Secondary glazing

Have you heard of secondary glazing?

Well, this was a new concept to me too, but it is a brilliant idea. Essentially, it’s an innovative way to insulate single glazed windows without having to go to the trouble and expense of replacing them with double glazed windows.  With secondary glazing you are just adding an extra window on top of your existing window. It not only helps conserve energy but protects the window and adds soundproofing. Love a triple benefit! 

Secondary glazing is a straightforward DIY job too. You can choose between plastic and glass with plastic coming in as the cheaper option.


Hang heavy curtains

Having a set of different curtains for winter makes sense. Heavier curtains really do block in more heat but it is important that they overlap in the middle slightly to prevent warm air escaping. Heavy curtains also add a cosy aesthetic to rooms in winter which helps a home ‘feel warmer’ visually too


Simple Ways to Improve your Home Insulation


Buy a jacket

Yes, obviously you will need a jacket for yourself this winter but whilst you are out shopping why not pick up one for your boiler too. It is easy to slip on and can help your boiler be more efficient. Less heat will escape so it reaches optimum temperature faster and water will stay hotter longer. All of this will help you conserve energy and reduce costs. A simply insulating win. 

You may want to buy your pipes a winter jacket too. Covering your pipes stops them from freezing and keeps water warm and flowing well. An inexpensive but effective DIY. 


Consider a door snake

Door snakes might sound old fashioned and look like just a bit of fun but actually they are a brilliant way to insulate your home. They work by stopping cold air from entering and warm air from leaving under your door. You can make one with old tights and filled with socks but actually they are as cheap as chips to buy and a great insulation investment. 


Keep it shut

My grandad use d to shout ‘were you born in a barn’ at me all the time. He was very cost conscious and knew only too well open doors let out the heat and one of the best was to keep a home warm was to keep internal doors shut. Obvious really but something we often forget. 


Have a look here to see who is eligible for ECO4 scheme. Another way to help you save on energy.


I hope you have found these ways to improve your home insulation useful and they have given you dome food for thought.

Keep warm! 

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