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Destinations to add to Your Summer Bucket List- 5 Stunning Ideas

Summer is here! If the arrival of summer has got you in the mood to pack your suitcase, slap on the sun cream and head to the airport, then here are some of the hottest destinations that will ensure that this is the best summer yet!


Destinations to add to Your Summer Bucket List


Destinations to add to Your Summer Bucket List


Botum Sakor National Park, Cambodia

If your goal this year is to abandon the hustle and bustle of the city and head out to a serene destination where you can interact with Mother Nature, then this is the place for you. Being the largest national park in Cambodia, Botum Sakor National Park will provide plenty of opportunity for exploration.

It is home to a large amount of Asian elephants, saltwater crocodiles and plenty of other fascinating animals. When you are done interacting with these beasts, enjoy exploring some of the world’s most magnificent waterfalls. Then, head to one of the villages located within the park, you will be wowed by the generosity and friendliness of the people living there.

There are a host of other fun activities you can enjoy in the park including; taking a nature walk in the thick mangrove forest with rangers, fishing in the local villages, and kayaking in adventurous estuaries. This is a destination you cannot afford to overlook!


Maasai Mara, Kenya

Do you dream of waking up to the bellowing of rhinos, the roaring of big cats, the trumpeting of elephants, and beautiful songs from different species of birds, then all you need to do is pack your essential items and head to Maasai Mara.

This national park is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations as it is home to one of the Seven New Wonders of the World, the wildebeest migration.

These beasts cross the Mara River in their millions, the threat from Nile crocodiles and other predators notwithstanding.

Here, there is no shortage of animals. There are plenty of accommodation options, and you will be woken up every morning by beautiful songs from over 400 species of birds, instead of the dreaded alarm clock.


The Maldives

Packed with staggering tranquillity, unmatched beauty, and presence of luxurious spas and hotels, the Maldives is a destination you need to visit this summer. If you are really interested in treating yourself, have a look at staying in an overwater bungalow, the ultimate luxury escape.

This destination comes in handy with picturesque islands and landscape, blended with a rich culture. Cultural attractions include the presidential palace, Male’ Fish Market, Presidential Palace, and the national museum.

With limitless culinary delights and secluded luxury, this is a paradise you should not overlook as you make your summer plans.


5 Stunning Destinations to add to Your Summer Bucket List



If you are keen to spend your holidays on a beautiful island, surrounded by glorious beaches and blue skies, then the Seychelles is the place for you. There are 115 beaches, and each one of them has a unique flair of beauty. It is located in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of East Africa. It offers a blend of different cultures – African, Indian, British, Arab, and Chinese.

This summer, head to the Seychelles, and enjoy underwater wonders, serene beaches, island hopping, and a breath-taking view of natural offerings including 1,000 species of fish, 2,000 species of plants, and thousands of giant tortoises you cannot find anywhere else in the world.


Sorrento, Italy – More Destinations to add to Your Summer Bucket List

Popularly known to locals as La Gentile, Sorrento is one of the most visited cities in the world, thanks to its outstanding amenities and pleasant climate.

Are you an architectural fantastic? Well, this city has got you covered. It is home to elegant Roman, medieval, and Greek architecture that dates back many centuries. There are plenty of luxurious hotels, spas, and restaurants. There is plenty of luxury accommodation on the Amalfi Coast, so if you have time you can go on a road trip and stay in a few different places.

While in this place, you will learn a little bit of history about the ruins of Pompei and Ercolano. When you consider visiting this city that overlooks the Bay of Naples, you will always have a reason to come back.

Lake Garda is also a wonderful place to visit  and to add to Your Summer Bucket List



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