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5 Things To Be Aware Of If You Suffer From Lip Eczema

Lip eczema in scientific terms is known as eczematous cheilitis. Of all the other body parts, the lips are the thinnest as they are surrounded by the least number of skin layers. They also don’t contain sebaceous glands to keep them moist like the skin. The skin of the lips regularly comes into contact with various chemicals and compounds.

All of these factors make it vulnerable to developing lip skin affecting conditions such as chapped lips and lip eczema.


5 Things To Be Aware Of If You Suffer From Lip Eczema


5 Things To Be Aware Of If You Suffer From Lip Eczema

Eczema around lips is a serious lip condition that is different from chapped lips. The typical signs of lip eczema are chapped, dry, flaky, and scaly lips that are painful, itchy, and may or may not be containing blisters and lesions on the lips. These inflamed lips if not treated may be accompanied with infection. Now the symptoms may be restricted to one or both lips, they may be present as rashes around the lips and it can also affect the skin inside where the inner red portion of the mouth meets up with the skin of the lips.

Lip eczema is not contagious, it can occur due to various reasons. It can occur because of having a genetic disposition to it, it can occur due to other triggering factors like being emotionally disturbed or being exposed to allergens. This is why it’s important to be aware of some important factors that will probably be helpful to you if you suffer from lip eczema.

5 Things To Be Aware Of If You Suffer From Lip Eczema

      1. Use A Lip Balm To Moisturize The Lips
        Make sure to keep your lips moisturized at all times. A good time to apply lip balm is right after taking the shower or when you wash your face with a face wash, as this is when it is better absorbed in the skin. And make sure that the balm is free of fragrance as most fragrances used in lip balms work as allergens causing rashes and flare-ups on the lips. Choose a lip balm with a shortlist of ingredients, that way you will get to narrow down the risk of flare-ups from potential allergens.
      2. Avoid Using Cheap Makeup Products
        Be aware of your makeup products. Avoid using cheap and chemical-loaded lipsticks that may be triggering lip eczema.
      3. Get In The Habit Of Reading Labels
        It’s a good habit to get to know what’s in the product that you’re interested in buying. This is especially helpful in cases of allergic lip eczema. Reading labels prevents you from getting products that may be carrying potential allergens.
      4. Avoid Licking Your Lips
        Lip licking usually happens when the lips are dry and chapped. However, the relief provided by this act is short-lived and makes the problem far worse. The digestive enzymes present in saliva can cause more damage to chapped lips, ultimately resulting in inflammation around the lips.
      5. Be Mindful Of Your Habits   There can be several reasons for developing lip eczema, it can be triggered due to smoking, stress, pollen, eating certain foods, respiratory infection, being sensitive to hot or cold temperatures. Make sure to check if your habit is triggering it and then proceed with changing it.


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