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5 Important Things to Do Before a Loft Renovation

Things to before a loft renovation  –  A loft renovation is  something I have in mind for the imminent future. Today I am going to take a look at the things that need to be sorted out to ensure it runs in a smooth and timely fashion and prioritize the top 5 things I would need to sort out beforehand.



things to do before a loft renovation


Things to do before a loft renovation

Let’s take a look at the things you need to pre-arrange before your loft renovation begins.


Define your vision

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

I love that quote because it is absolutely true. You do need a crystallized goal or you have no idea what you are aiming for and without a destination you have no clear path. So the very first thing I would do would be to really think about how I want my loft to look and how I want it to be used.  Then after talking this over with my family I would get my ideas firmed up and down on paper.

We would probably bring in an architect at this point to help us really cement our vision and discuss how it will all come together. We would have them draw up clear plans and advise if we need permissions for what we want to do.


Find your team

Finding a great team of builders (then plasterers, floor layers, electricians, etc.) can all be very time consuming so best to get this sorted in advance and get them booked in.  I would always advise you get recommendations though, do not just go with who is cheapest. You want tradespeople who are:

  • reliable
  • efficient
  • quality
  • local
  • well recommended 

and you want to make sure they are available when you will need them or your job will be really delayed. 



 A massive declutter is asmart thing to do before you start any renovations. You do not want to be storing stuff you don’t want to keep, no longer use or actively dislike. Have a massive sort out and get it gone. It will make the task of dealing with what remains just so much easier.



Sort out your storage

Living with any part of your home being renovated can be super stressful. I would, therefore,  advise not using the rest of your house as a storage area for the items moved from your renovation area or  you will only add to the stress!

Sort out your storage as soon as possible.  

Now Storage self storage in Newbury offer a wide range of storage solutions and would  be ideal for storing our loft items when it comes to renovating. They have flexible access and security and you only pay for what you need.

I can only imagine the peace of mind having our possessions safely stored and out the way as the renovation work takes place. This is one of the key things to do before a loft renovation.


Book some time off

Do not underestimate the impact of a renovation on your life, Consider having a little time off work to get sorted and relax before it begins because you are going to need to be in a good place before it starts.

If at all possible booking some time away whilst the work is ongoing might also be a really smart solution. 


I do hope these things to do before a loft renovation are useful to you – is this something you are planing to do or perhaps have been through already? Do drop me a comment below.   



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