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5 things you need before you travel to the USA

Are you in the process of thinking about the things you need before you travel to the USA? Well, no worries because I am here to help you get organised with my top 5 pre-travel to the USA tips. I hope you find them useful. 


things you need before you travel to the USA

Things you need before you travel to the USA

I am going to start my top 5 list of things you need before you travel to the USA with getting an ESTA because without this you won’t be going anywhere near the US!


Get an ESTA

Do you know what an ESTA is?  It is critical for your travel to the USA.

ESTA USA is a mandatory travel authorisation to travel to the USA without a visa. You can apply for your ESTA at e-visa.co.uk it is a really quick and straightforward process. You can apply quickly and easily with the online application form. The costs are £29,95 per person.  In an emergency, an ESTA can be granted within an hour. What a relief to know this is available f you have left organizing it to the last minute (please try and avoid this – nobody wants to be frantic before a big trip.) 

You do need an ESTA,  it is not optional.  An ESTA USA is always required for a holiday, business trip or transfer/transit in the USA. You will be refused entry when checking-in on their flight, ferry service, or cruise to the USA if you do not have one. Children also need an ESTA. The only people exempt from needing one are those who have a US visa or passport.

An ESTA is valid for two years from the moment it is granted and you can make as many trips to the USA as you like with it,  within that time.

You can find an ESTA application form here.


A great guidebook

No matter whereabouts you are heading to the USA there are sure to be a huge amount of potential sightseeing options. The USA is vast and getting your bearings in a new country can always take a while. I really do believe it is worth taking the time to have a really good read of a guidebook before you head out there. This way you can find out exactly what you want to visit and get some sense of the layout of the area.  There are a ton of great guide books around Lonely Panetguidebooks are always excellent as are The Tough Guide to…books. 

This is such a worthwhile investment and it is also a great way to get yourself super-excited about your trip. A great guide book will really help you plan a great itinerary too so that you don’t waste time whilst you are actually there trying to decide what to do. 

If you are looking for inspiration this artle on 50 great things to do in America is well worth a read


Health and travel insurance

Health and travel insurance are pre-requisites for any overseas trip but absolutely vital when it comes to the USA.  Health care costs can be astronomical in the USA and flight costs can be very expensive. Do make sure you have cover and that your cover is bang up to date.


Valid Passport

If you are travelling to the USA from the UK you just need to ensure your passport is valid for the length of your entire stay. I have known a fair few people get in a passport pickle by not checking in advance so do defintaly do this! 




Whilst dollars are pretty easy to get hold of you may well want to get organised financially before you travel. Do budget for your trip then factor in more. You will want to make sure you have access to funds to cover emergencies/delays or unexpected expesnes.

Plus, if you’re keen on exploring the luxurious side of travel, keep an eye out for opportunities to win a trip to Maldives. It will grant you the chance to experience a paradise getaway without worrying about your budget.

Whilst you are being so sensible you should also leave your details with a friend or family member including passport number, insurance policy details and itinerary.



And finally …

I could go on and on; obviously you will need a suitcase lock, you need to know the airline rules on everything from cabin bag size to toiletries, you want to ensure the neighbourhood you book accommodation in is safe and so on.

Basically do your research beforehand, be practical and well prepared and you will be fine. 

I have been to the USA on many occasions and have had the most amazing trips and have stories galore to tell of this varied and interesting county.

Fun Fact: Did you know around 3.8 million Brits visit the United States every year ( and most never have any problems)

I do hope you enjoy your trip and I do hope this post on the things you need before you travel to the USA has proved helpful.



Things you need before you travel to the USA is a collaborative post you might also like my post on my beautiful things by Mini Travellers

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