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5 tips for cleaning your vinyl floors

Are you looking for tips for cleaning your vinyl floors?

The benefits of vinyl flooring are that it’s durable, easy to maintain and doesn’t show dirt. Because it’s so widely used, there are many different styles from which to choose from including patterns and textures in the finish.

There are also a variety of thicknesses available which can effect price greatly especially when installing new floors over existing ones. The advantage for this type of flooring because the home will stay cleaner. It has a low risk of mould and doesn’t need sealing like other types of floors. However, it will show dirt quicker than other types of flooring.


5 tips for cleaning your vinyl floors


Tips for cleaning your vinyl floors

But in order to keep your floors looking great, you’ll have to give them some love from time-to-time. It may seem like a daunting task but with these 5 tips for cleaning your vinyl flooring you can make light work of this chore!


  1. Sweep the floor before vacuuming or mopping. Dirt particles can dull your vinyl floors so give them a sweep first, either with a broom or handheld vacuum cleaner depending on how big the room is.


  1. Use a cleaner that is specifically designed for vinyl floors. Many household cleaners are too harsh on vinyl, stripping the sealant and leaving behind streaks or dulling the surface. Stick with cleaners made specially for vinyl floors instead!


  1. Vacuum the edges of the room first then go back over the whole area with a mop or broom. The edges of your room are more likely to hold onto dirt, so it’s best to focus on those first before covering the rest of the floor.


  1. Avoid using wet towels on your vinyl floor – it will leave streaks! If you want to use a damp mop or cloth, wring out all excess water beforehand and don’t keep going over the same spot again and again.


  1. Clean your vinyl flooring at least once a week to keep it looking fresh and beautiful! It may seem like a lot of work but try tackling this chore every Sunday evening after dinner for example, that way you won’t be too rushed when it comes time to do the job properly later in the week!


5 tips for cleaning your vinyl floors

Regular cleaning of your vinyl flooring to maintain the lustre and shine is very important. Dust and dirt can dull the surface, and if not removed may cause it to become scratched. If the surface becomes too scratched, the colour and finish will start to fade away and could eventually cause irreversible damage. It’s important to also ensure that your vinyl planks are high quality and have a protective coating to protect your floor from wear and tear. These planks usually have a longer warranty than cheaper alternatives, and it’s important to know that the coating is there for your protection.


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