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5 Tips for Finding the Best Business Space in London

Trying to decide where to locate a London business? The capital city is – to be frank – a monolith, but it has endless possibilities and opportunities.

Whether it’s moving an established business from one location to another or trying to find new premises for a start-up, here are some invaluable tips to ensure the right decision is made. Finding the best business space in London just got a little easier!


Business Space in London


What does your business do and what needs to be close by?

Consider first the nature of your business and the services it provides. Do you need to be near to local clients and other suppliers? For instance, if you have a company that’s in the heart of an area like Brixton, and that’s where all your clientele is, you might want to consider companies like Brixton Arches for rental spaces that offer flexibility in a popular part of the city. However, it’s also normal for different sectors of business to cluster themselves together, so for instance in the capital, Banking happens in the heart of the city, whilst there are many different Technology start-ups in Shoreditch. Media enterprises tend to cluster in Soho. Look at what you provide and see if you’d be better served in and amongst other businesses of the same nature. 


Consider your business clientele

Who visits your business and uses it regularly? Employees will be there all day and so their commuting time must be taken into account –but what about regular clients and visitors who might need to come to the company headquarters for meetings? Everyone needs to be able to get to the premises easily and without hassle. Consider the travel requirements of anyone involved in the company and take it from there. 

Think about current business space

What’s good about the current setup the company has? Think about the best bits to keep and the ones that aren’t working for you as a business. Take these forward and then think about the things that don’t work for you. Whether that’s the office space, or simply the location. Coming up with a list of pros and cons can help make the decision on where to move to and what you need. 


Company image

First impressions of a business count. What clients and visitors see when they first arrive at your premises matters – and if you want to make a good impression, the right location will help you. Think about what you offer as a business and the sort of image you must project. Choose a location based on the expectations the people you do business with, have of you.


Consider every area in the city

Yes, it’s important to try and find somewhere that matches your business’s demands and goals. However, it’s also important to recognise that businesses do have to have a workable budget – and therefore finding a space to rent means you have to widen the net sometimes.

This means considering areas you may not have thought about before. It matters to work within the means you can and acquire a business space that is commensurate with your finances and the clientele you want to attract.



Finding a new business space in London doesn’t need to be a hassle with these 5 easy tips to follow. Making sure to consider these key pointers can make the difference between a smooth move and a bumpy ride to work with your colleagues every day!

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