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Freshening Up Your Bedroom – 5 Tips for a Quick & Easy Refresh

Freshening up your bedroom – 5 top tips for a quick and easy refresh.


5 tips for freshening up your bedroom

Freshening Up Your Bedroom 


Tips for freshening up your bedroom

Are you looking for tips for freshening up your bedroom?

We all lead such hectic lives; at the end of the day many of us just want to flop straight into bed and get as much sleep as possible before the next day. So, it’s hardly surprising that our bedrooms are often neglected!

I’m a firm believer that the bedroom should be somewhere to rest, relax, contemplate and be intimate, but it’s not always easy to accomplish these things next to your exercise bike, your laptop and printer – check out Printerinks deals on toner cartridges here – and all those clothes on your bedroom floor. So, with this in mind I’ve come up with 5 tips for freshening up your bedroom which will hopefully get you a better night’s sleep and help you make the most of the room you have.


Declutter well and often when for  speedy freshening up your bedroom

A collection of mugs on the bedside table, shoes and clothes that are dirty or unworn, plates, books, clutter – even the children’s toys! If there’s clutter to be found then it’ll certainly be in your bedroom. Clutter is hugely stressful and shouldn’t be in your place of rest and relaxation, so make the effort to clear out everything that doesn’t belong.

Find homes for things like jewellery, ornaments, toiletries and other bits and bobs and try to replace everything that get out again. Next, give everything a good wipe down and dust. You’ll be amazed at the instant difference Freshening Up Your Bedroom with a declutter makes


5 Tips for Freshening Up Your Bedroom - A Quick & Easy Refresh

Freshening Up Your Bedroom

Spruce up your window

Natural light is good for your body and mind. So, make sure you’re making the most out of your bedroom window. Pull back those curtains or blinds and give the glass a good clean. Windows can quickly get dusty and grimy, so you’ll be surprised at the difference after you’ve cleaned. Wash your curtains and thoroughly clean your blinds as well.

Alternatively, treat yourself to some new window dressings for a totally fresh look. One of the most simple tips for freshening up your bedroom but one of the best!


Freshening Up Your Bedroom


Freshening up your bedroom by adding a touch of nature

Having fresh flowers or house plants in your room will instantly give it the wow factor.

Not only do they add colour, scent and freshness but house plants can also help to purify the air, which could have a positive effect on the quality of your sleep. If you’re not confident about keeping plants alive then don’t worry – spoil yourself with some artificial blooms instead. Just remember to dust them!



Updating your bedding is a great way of freshening up your bedroom.

When was the last time you replaced your pillow? Or swapped out your duvet? If you can’t remember, then now is the time to switch to some fresh bedding. As the summer months are fast approaching, opt for something light.

The bed is seen as a focal point to any bedroom, so make sure yours looks good enough to jump on! Switch your bed linen for some fresh, crisp white sheets. Single bed sheets of Oxford are a lovely quality option.


tips for freshening up your bedroom


Introduce some scent as a way of freshening up your bedroom

Scent is a huge factor when it comes to rest and relaxation. So switch out that sweaty gym kit or dirty laundry basket for a new room diffuser, some potpourri or even a spritz bottle. Opt for calming scents like lavender and camomile.


tips for freshening up your bedroom


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tips for freshening up your bedroom

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