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5 Tips for Home Office Design for a Comfy WFH Experience

Our home office is often our least used space in our home. You can use your home office to work remotely or to do hobbies such as crafting, reading, or writing. But with many of us now working from home semi-permanently, we need to make it a comfortable space that can help us focus and be productive. Admittedly, our home office can get messy and it could discourage us from working there.

Tips for Home Office Design f



Tips for Home Office Design for a Comfy WFH Experience

To avoid that from happening, here are some tips for home office design you can do to create a home office that can help you work comfortably.

1. Think chic

Your space should reflect your personality and inspire you. Do not be afraid to go all out and decorate your home with designs and accents that embody your personality. Lighting can make your home look more professional. A pendant lamp with gold detailing, cream or light-coloured material will give your space a professional, elegant look.

2. Add green

They say the colour green can help give life to your home and it can elevate your mood. Decorate your home office with small indoor plants and succulents so you can get the calming benefits of the colour green in your home office. They look beautiful, clean the air well, and require little maintenance. Try plants that are easier to maintain like snake plants, cactus, or succulents.


Tips for Home Office Design


3. Let light in

Stay connected to the great outdoors and let light enter your room. Natural light can make small spaces seem larger. You can choose either sheer curtains or blackout curtains to regulate the sunlight. This gives enough light to nourish the plants, and seeing the view outside keeps me lively and productive.

4. Optimise your space

Organisation is key to success so remember to use every technique you have in your arsenal. Having a messy home office is not conducive to productivity and work. Don’t waste space by hiding printers, filing, etc. in corners or drawers. To make the most of your vertical space, you can also put cabinets up to the ceiling with different types of storage. A wall-hanging pinboard can organize supplies that would otherwise go in a drawer.


Tips for Home Office Design


5. Practice Hygge

The space should feel warm and inviting, but not too cosy that it makes you feel restricted from moving around or make you want to lie down. Use neutral colours for the walls and floor to create a comfortable, but a simple workspace. Place a few wool blankets next to your desk on a blanket ladder. Keep them warm in winter. Switch to cotton summer ones.


These are just some of the tips you can do to elevate your home office design and make it a more comfortable office space for your WFH needs.


Have some tips on designing a home office? Share them with us in the comments!

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