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5 Tips on Bringing 5-Star Hotel Luxury To Your Own Bedroom

Everyone wants to live in a 5-star hotel. They’re clean, they’re luxurious, they’re relaxing, and so on. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could basically live in a 5* hotel, or at least sleep in one?

To help capture some of the luxuries of hotel rooms in your home, I’ve put together five tips on how you can transform your bedroom into a 5* hotel. Here’s how:



Hotel Luxury To Your Own Bedroom

  1. Comfort

There’s nothing better than arriving at your hotel and taking a big leap onto your mattress to find that it’s perfect. Most hotels will use a hybrid mattress; a combination of spring coils that have multiple layers of foam to suit a wide range of sleeping positions and body types. After all, hotels have such a range of people sleeping on their mattresses, they want to make sure that they cater for as many people as possible.

If you know exactly what mattress you need, want and love, then great, that saves the annoyance of testing hundreds of different mattresses until you find the right one. However, if this is your first ‘proper’ mattress; a mattress that you want that suits you and your lifestyle perfectly, then hybrid mattresses are a great place to start looking!

  1. Double Up

Hotel rooms are designed for two people normally, so they have two of everything; two bedside tables, two plug sockets, two lamps, etc. Try mirroring each side of the room with each other.

For example, having a bedside table either side of the bed will allow each ‘guest’, or in your instance, housemate, to store their own belongings and hold the coaster to their morning coffee. It will also avoid spillages too – just imagine the amount of times people have kicked over their mugs from leaving them on the floor!



  1. Lots of Light

Interior designers design hotels with the guest in mind; making everything as effortless as possible. Often, light switches are next to the bed to allow guests to turn the lights on and off without even getting up.

Not everyone wants to spend time adding in extra plug sockets, however. So, consider having lamps on each bedside table to allow a bit of light, without leaving the bed. If you want something even more advanced, try installing a light dimmer, so you can adjust how bright the light is, without having to have it on full beam all the time!

  1. Crispy Sheets

Have you ever stayed in a hotel that doesn’t use crispy white sheets? If you have, then its extremely rare. This is basically to prove to guests how white their bedsheets really are, showing them that they’re staying in a nice, clean bed.

Non-fitted, white, crisp sheets are the go-to, so you can tuck those corners in nice and tight without being restricted


Hotel Luxury To Your Own Bedroom


  1. Cull the Clutter

One of the joys of staying in a hotel room is that it’s clutter-free, with none of your belongings staring at you in the face. Removing clutter is an obvious tip, yet one that may be the most difficult due to lack of storage etc.

According to research, a messy bedroom can lead to increased anxiety and a bad night’s sleep.

Find storage in other rooms, or if you’ve got unused wall space in other rooms, then put up some shelves. This doesn’t cost much and will be a nice way to display books and DVD collections.

Have any other suggestions, or want to show off any images of your bedroom that now looks like a hotel? Leave a comment below or Tweet me at @BeckyGoddardH.



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