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5 Tips to Help You Become a Better Gardener This Year

Do you have dreams of a lovely and lush-looking back garden that you can enjoy by yourself or with your guests? Do you imagine looking out the windows of your house, peering at your garden and feeling nothing but pride at how beautiful it is? Do you want to create a private oasis that rivals that of a professional gardener?

These are big goals, but they are achievable with specific tips, tricks and tools. Let’s take a look at five tips that will help you to become a better gardener this year. The results will be beautiful and exciting.


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Be Familiar with Your Garden Basics

Advanced gardeners are well aware of the specifics of their gardens, but this is probably something you haven’t given much thought to. To ensure your garden flourishes, you must know the basics which includes:

  • What direction does it face?
  • Where does the sun hit the garden?
  • How many hours’ worth of sunlight does the garden get?
  • What is the soil like? (alkaline/acidic)
  • Are there any areas of shade?

While you can answer the majority of these questions fairly easily, to find out more about the soil you’ll need to do a soil test. You can pick up a soil test kit that will determine the pH. They are very easy to use and the results will narrow down which plants are best to grow.

Do You Have the Right Garden Tools?

Just like with any task or job, you need the right tools and equipment. Garden tools make the job easier, but they are also specifically designed so that they don’t damage plants when used correctly. You can either purchase the tools separately or look for a kit. A kit takes the guesswork out of the process, making it easy for beginners. Kits also tend to feature a storage case or box, keeping everything neatly contained and organised.

Beginner gardeners can use basic tools but as you become more advanced and knowledgeable, you may want to upgrade your tools to better-quality materials.


Research Each Plant Before Purchasing It

How many times have you walked into a local garden centre and made purchases based on looks, only to find the plant doesn’t do well in your garden? It’s a common mistake that people make, as bright colours and beauty tend to attract buyers.

Instead, you want to investigate each plant, which will typically have a tag on it. Pay attention to the soil conditions, the sun/shade requirements, watering requirements and other instructions. Would it match up with your environment? If not, then it’s not the right plant for you.

You’ll also notice there are perennials and annuals to choose from. Annuals are only meant to last one year/during the blooming season. They tend to be colourful and interesting, so they are great for pots, and planters and to bring beauty to existing flower beds. Perennials, on the other hand, will come up year after year, usually spreading and getting bigger each year.


A Potting Shed Greenhouse Can Transform the Way You Garden

While it’s true that much of the time spent gardening will be outdoors in the garden, that’s not the case for every task. Having planters and potted plants dotted around your garden is a wonderful way to add variety, texture and interest. It can also be a great solution for people that don’t have a ton of space or the right soil conditions to plant traditional flower beds in the ground.

But where will you store all your gardening tools and equipment? Potting sheds are the perfect solution as they offer more than enough room when it comes to storage, plus you can use the interior space to pot plants and prune them. These types of sheds typically have built-in worktops so that you can spread the items out and work comfortably.

And because of the number of windows and even skylights offered, it can be a greenhouse in which many varieties of plants can do exceptionally well. Leisure buildings, garden sheds and potting sheds are built to last and can be found in a wide variety of sizes and styles so you can pick the one that works for you.


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Garden Maintenance Will Be Extremely Important

Once you have picked the right flowers and planted them according to instructions, it’s time to focus on maintenance. Proper maintenance will ensure your garden looks spectacular.

A few maintenance steps you’ll need to take include:

  • Pruning
  • Weeding
  • Feeding/fertilising
  • Watching for garden pests
  • Treating pests
  • Watering
  • Using compost

Using all of these tips and committing to the work a garden requires means your results will be nothing short of amazing. You’ll be able to create the kind of outdoor oasis that you’ve been dreaming of.



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