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5 Top Bathroom Tile Trends in 2023

Bathroom Tile Trends in 2023 are looking good!

Bathroom tile trends are always pretty stable because they aren’t a feature we change regularly  but one we try and get right and live with for a while. These are the top bathroom tile trends this year and over the last few years and I have to admit I could happily live with any of them. 

All the gorgeous bathroom tiles featured throughout this round up of ideas are from the Get Tiles Online store.


Graphic Tiles in Bathroom Tile Trends in 2023

Graphic tiles are having a renaissance  and as long as not ‘overdone’ I think these really can look fantastic and totally cheer up a sometimes dull room!



Subway Bathroom Tile Trends in 2023

Whether placed in straight rows or slanted for a more interesting design rectangular ‘subway tiles’ always look contemporary and cool and give a more modern finish to a bathroom. They are also bang on trend!





Neutral Colours Bathroom Tile Trends in 2023

How may times do we hear of people desperate to change up avocado or peach bathrooms after buying an old house. Neutral bathrooms and especially neutral bathroom tiles have always been favoured. They look clean, fresh, light and airy  which is what we want from the room we clean ourselves in!

 White, beige, even light grey or cream all work, but colour or black?- no, not so much! 


Bathroom Tile Trends

Matte Bathroom Tile Trends

Matte bathroom tiles really are having a ‘moment’ They are not as good at reflecting light or looking as sparkly clean as glossy ones BUT they do have a multitude of benefits. I think they look more sophisticated than gloss and  an advantage of matte tiles is that they don’t show smudges and water marks to the same degree gloss do.

They work really well on bathroom floors but also on walls. 



Bathroom Tile Trends



Textured Tiles in Bathroom Tile Trends in 2023

Let’s be honest tiles can be a little samey so if you have the change to add something a little different that has to be a good thing. Texture in the form of glass mosaic makes for a fabulous and unique look in bathroom tiles. I love this one! 

Concreate  and marble tiles can also add another layer of textural interest into a bathroom that gives the room a little pizazz. I have even seen glitter tiles, but they do look at bit ‘bathroom in nightclub’ to me.


Bathroom Tile Trends



So there you have it, 5 bathroom tile trends in2023. – which one do you like the best I wonder?

Which one is your favourite or are you ALL about the coloured glitter wall (shudder.) 

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