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5 Unique Home Renovations on a Budget

Today – Unique Home Renovations on a Budget

Home is where we find comfort and tranquility. However, it doesn’t mean it won’t excite the guests or friends who visit there.

There are millions of ways to renovate your home that will mesmerize even the residents. Moreover, it is not always necessary that those ways will cost you a million.


Unique Home Renovations on a Budget

We have rounded up a few cost-effective but highly impressive home renovation ideas. The expense will surprise you but save it for your friends and neighbor when the renovation will be over.


Above-ground Acrylic Swimming Pool

These are like a small infinity pool in your backyard. More affordable than any conventional vinyl pool, acrylic pools are a real gem for any size of houses.

The hand-rolled fiberglass structure makes the water visible from the outside. It gives you a feel of infinity within a limited space. This concept is getting popular among homeowners due to easier installation and maintenance than any conventional pool.

One of the best things about the acrylic swimming pool is that you can design and redesign it. All you have to do is to buy acrylic panels according to your desired pool dimension. The next step is to join them together with industrial glue. Your pool is ready.


Use Crackled Glass on Tabletop

Crackled or ice glass is nothing new. This 16th Century Venetian glassmaking technology is now making its way to our home and workplace. When the hot glass is immersed in cold water, it crackled and makes a broken shaped piece of glass.

In the old days, that crackled glass was heated to infuse the piece. However, modern-day crackled art glass is sandwiched between laminated adhesive layers.

These three layers techniques of glass manufacturing make the crackled glass very durable and safe. When each individual glass piece reflects lights, it creates a shimmering effect in any home or office. There is no way it won’t surprise your friends or colleagues each time they will sit around the table, especially on a bright and sunny day. You can find a wide range of crackled glass at https://www.fabglassandmirror.com/crackled



Laminated Glass Stairs – Unique Home Renovations on a Budget

Staircases were supposed to be the gloomiest part of the home. Why won’t it? A small space crammed with stairs and, of course, with a lack of light.

Things have been changed a lot since the introduction of laminated glass stairs. Glass companies are offering a diverse range of reinforced glass for the stairs. You will find triple-layered laminated glass that can endure high load up to a reasonable height.

Clear, frosted, crackled, and stained glass are used to build laminated stairs. The diversity in design will stun you. It doesn’t matter if you are planning for your home or any commercial space, there will always be a solution.

Are you worried about durability and personal safety? It is not uncommon. However, the triple-layer laminated glass can endure the heavier weight and massive impacts. Moreover, the sturdy construction of the stair bases is specially designed for ultimate safety with a radiant look.



Paint Top Wall and Ceiling of the Bedroom as If Look Like Stars

Sleeping under the sky may not be a good option during winter. Nevertheless, you can turn the bedroom ceiling into a night sky full of stars. All you need is shades of blue that resemble the night sky.

Cobalt or Midnight Sky are a few of the best options for this job. Paint the entire ceiling with the smooth stroke of the roller brush. If you want to make it more realistic, leave a few rough textures on the painted surface.

Now it’s time for the stars. White paint can be a good option; however, they lack the soft but shining glow of the star. We recommend using metallic silver paint instead. A little light from anywhere will make them sparkle like star glitters on the cobalt night sky on your ceiling.

If you want to surprise your kids after they return from the summer camp, make a few stars with glow-in-the-dark paints. Do you want to stretch a bit more? Draw a few known constellations. Now just wait for the scream of surprises after the light turns off.


Unique Home Renovations on a Budget


Invisible Bookshelves – Unique Home Renovations on a Budget


This is probably one of the coolest tricks to surprise anyone in your living room. It may sound a bit tricky, but it is not. All you need is a few l-shaped metal angels, a few hard-covered books, screw, and a hammer.

First, select a place in the wall where you want to fix this invisible shelf. Mark the nail positions and make sure there is an embedded stud in the wall for reinforcement. Place a part of the angle inside the hard-bound book you want to use as the base.

The second and final step is to attach the angle inside the book and make it the base of the shelf. Now you can put a few books on it. Make sure you are arranging the books in descending size order upward.

It looks great and offers stability. How great is that?


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