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5 Unusual Things to do in Amsterdam

Unusual Things to do in Amsterdam that you will love!

Amsterdam is not only about coffeeshop hunters, the Van Gogh museum and the red light district. If you plan to visit this beautiful city, its many attractions and want to go beyond appearances, forget about your guide and explore! We will tell you what you can do in Amsterdam to make you feel like a real local!

The Dutch capital, included in the list of Unesco World Heritage Sites, is a little gem that shines with the reflection of a thousand canals, vibrant colors and cultural trends. The small streets, where often only bicycles pass, give it an intimate character and give visitors a pleasant feeling of home.

What is our best advice?


Unusual Things to do in Amsterdam


5 Unusual Things to do in Amsterdam

lets take a look at some of your options


Cycle around the city

Amsterdam is the cycling capital of the world. More than half of the inhabitants cycle through the streets of the capital every day! Rent a bike to travel around the city on two wheels, alone or with your partner, one pedaling and the other behind you with your legs to one side, like the Dutch do!


Unusual Things to do in Amsterdam


Visit a concert in the Vondelpark

Listen to a (free) concert in the city park Vondelpark; a purpose-built space between the woods with a stage. This park is a meeting place for many locals of Amsterdam, where many recreational activities are being performed in nature.


5 Unusual Things to do in Amsterdam


Relax in one of the many coffee bars

After a day on the streets of the city, take a break in one of Amsterdam’s ‘brown cafes’.

Typically Dutch bistros where you can enjoy a cup of coffee, breakfast or a good beer. Did you know that in the many coffeeshops in Amsterdam it is also possible, besides the drugs that they offer, to enjoy a good cup of coffee? Looking for a good place to enjoy a good cup of coffee combined with some live music?

Visit the following website: https://hunters-coffeeshop.com/


Unusual Things to do in Amsterdam


Discover art along the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat

Stroll through the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat and let your artistic curiosity run wild. Nearby the center you are able to explore the small art galleries that should not be missing on the top list of Amsterdam attractions. You may even find a cheap treasure over there!



Shopping in a vintage store

A great way to spend an afternoon in the Dutch capital is to buy something original from one of the many vintage shops in De Pijp, one of the city’s most multi-ethnic neighborhoods. Just like the area of the Nieuwe Spiegelgracht, you can find a lot of creatives walking around here. And even here it is possible to find the most precious gems of clothing!


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