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5 Warning Signs and Symptoms of Teenage Alcoholism

What do you know about teenage alcoholism?

A study of teens and young adults found that respondents described their alcohol consumption as medium or high, 52 percent and 41 percent of the time. Only seven percent of the study’s participants said they never consume alcohol.

Teenage alcoholism is a disturbing problem that often leads to other addictions, health issues, disastrous legal consequences, and early aging. 

The good news is that addiction in teens has seen a downturn in recent months. However, the lower addiction rates may directly correlate to time spent away from peers. Therefore, as teenagers resume their social lives, parents should look for signs of alcoholism. 

In the following article, we’ll take a look at five warning signs for alcohol addiction in teens.

Teenage Alcoholism

  1. Suffering School Performance

It takes a lot of effort and attention for teens to perform well in schools. So if you see your son or daughter’s grades start to slip, this could be a sign of alcohol misuse.

You may find that your teen’s grades are suffering because they are skipping class to drink with peers or that instead of studying and completing homework, they are partying instead.

Lastly, alcohol misuse takes a physical and mental tool making it exceedingly difficult for your teen to pay attention in class and participate appropriately. 

  1. Change In Friends

Peer pressure is one of the catalysts for teenage alcoholism. If you start to notice behavior out of character or that makes you suspicious of how your teen is spending their time, it may be time to start asking questions about their friends.

Remember, you have less control over who your child wants to hang out with as they get older, but that does not mean you can’t ask to be introduced or expect your child not to drink when they are out with friends. 

  1. More Than Mood Swings

Stress, as your child grows older, is expected. However, if their reactions to stress or questions become more aggressive and disruptive, you may need to look harder at the potential for alcohol abuse. 

Alcohol can accentuate a person’s flight or fight response which equates to severe mood swings during conversation and under stress. 

  1. Changed Attitude To Others

Connecting with others and making healthy choices is key to teens’ attitude to their parents and peers, according to eagleoverlookrecovery.com. If you notice your adolescent child pulling away from activities they usually enjoy or avoiding conversation, this may be a sign of an issue with alcohol.

Your child may try to push people away because they feel alone in their struggles. Try your best to communicate and show kindness to your child. This is a great way to maintain lines of trust and compassion. 

  1. Sick Days

Anyone knowledgeable about alcohol abuse or drinking too much knows that alcoholic beverages will make you ill if you drink too much. Typically this is described as a hangover and lasts a day or a morning. 

However, people suffering from a severe alcohol problem will also feel ill from withdrawal from alcohol. Tiredness, headaches, nausea, and shaking are signs of alcohol withdrawal. 

Recovery Is Possible For Teenage Alcoholism

Remember, teenage alcoholism is a disease that can impact adolescents from all walks of life. If you suspect that a loved one is struggling with alcohol dependence, you should reach out to a qualified recovery expert as soon as you can.

Also, remember to have an honest conversation not only with the recovery expert but your teen and your loved ones about addiction to alcohol.

Did you find this article helpful? Search this website for more about addiction and alcohol dependence. 



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