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5 Ways Having a Clean Home Improves Your Health

The current global pandemic has made all of us acutely aware of the importance of staying healthy, both mentally and physically. For some people, this has come in the form of obsessively washing our groceries and cleaning our shoes after each shopping trip, which may seem excessive to others but let’s try and not be judgemental in a time like this. If you are concerned about the health and wellbeing of you and your family,


Here are 5 ways that having a clean home improves your health


  1. Fewer Germs and Bacteria

The first, and most obvious reason, is that regularly cleaning your home will prevent germs and bacteria from building up and making you ill. By cleaning with the correct cleaning materials each day you can improve your health and the health of your family. Pay special attention to high-traffic zones and surfaces that are frequently used. Use a highly recommended cleaning service, like Twinkle Clean, to take care of your cleaning needs when you’re pressed for time.


  1. Less Stress

Being in a clean and tidy space is an excellent way to look after your mental health and wellbeing. Having a clean space promotes relaxation and cleaning also serves as a form of exercise that will significantly reduce your stress levels. Decluttering your home will reduce your anxiety levels and help you stay calm and collected.


Clean Home Improves Your Health

Ways Having a Clean Home Improves Your Health


  1. A Clean Home Improves Your Health with  Fewer Allergy Triggers – 

Reduce the number of allergy triggers in your home by keeping it clean.

Your health will improve within days of getting on top of your home’s cleaning requirements. Vacuum carpets and rugs to get rid of dust mites, animal dander, and pollen build-up. Make sure that your vacuum cleaner is fitted with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, these work the best for ensuring the allergy-causing particles are trapped inside and not circulating in the air as you clean.


  1. Better Sleep

Having a clean bedroom, particularly with clean linen, will help you sleep better at night. Your sheets and bedding should be washed twice a week to make sure that you’re crawling into your clean sleeping space as often as possible.

Having your room cleaned regularly is also a proven way to improve the air quality of your sleep sanctuary which will improve your health by improving the quality of your sleep.



  1. Keeps Pests Away

Pests like ants, rats, and cockroaches are attracted to messy spaces because there is more chance of them going unnoticed for longer. Having a clean home will reduce your chances of having to deal with a pest infestation. Make sure to always clean up after dinner and try to not leave dirty dishes lying around, this way there will be no food for them to come inside for.

If the pests don’t find food in your home then they will move along and try to find food somewhere else. Remember to extend your cleaning to areas outside the home too, like the gutters and drains.

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