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5 ways to afford home improvements

Today – ways to afford home improvements


ways to afford home improvements


Ways to afford home improvements

When it comes  toways to afford  home improvements money can be a big stumbling block that can quench even the most practical and realistic of dreams We can be so over-faced by the cost we don’t even make a start.

Here are some ways to afford home improvements and that may well make all the difference.


Be really clear on cost

Being really clear about the cost: Hidden and growing costs can be terrifying prospect when it comes to home improvements so your very first step towards any kind of alteration or addition to your home is to get very clear costings from very reputable workers.


Get the best value team

One of the soundest ways to make sure your home improvement work ins within your budget is to get the best value for money you can when it comes to people working on the project. In my experience asking around for reliable reputable and reasonably priced work is key. Word of mouth from someone you trust is invaluable


Consider equity release as a ways to afford home improvements

Many people use equity release for  home improvements. If you want to know what equity release is and how it works this equity release article will give you lots of great information on it. This can be an excellent option if you have a big project in mind and really want to make an investment in your home.


Have a savings plan

Savings are another sound option. Just because you want something doing, does not mean it has to be done now. Can you come up with a savings plan so you can put away money each month until you have enough for your project?



Are there elements of your home improvement you could possibly tackle yourself without the need of employing someone. Maybe you could attend a class, work alongside someone who knows s what they are doing or watch a youtube tutorial. Some elements of home improvement such a painting, fitting laminate or bullnose mdf skirting are very do-able.

Ways to afford home improvements? Make do or do without

I always say when it comes to affording anything we need to learn to make do or do without. So perhaps you don’t have a holiday the year your home improvement or you make do with a visit to a friend by the coast, rather than a trip overseas. Compromises are not always easy but oh, they are so much better than getting into debt.


Step by step

You really don’t need to tackle everything at once and taking a step by step to home improvement may seem like dragging it out but may well make it much more affordable for you. Don’t feel you have to do it all at once. It really can be quite overwhelming finically and practicably to do so. It really is okay to just take your time.


So there you have it a list of ways in ways to afford home improvements can be made more affordable. Have you had any home improvements done? How did you afford this? I’d love to hear your story in the comments below.

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