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5 Ways to Comfort Kids When they are Upset

One of the hardest aspects of parenthood is getting your child to learn to manage their emotions and comfort kids who are upset. The tiny humans are just starting to make sense of the world around them, and discover their place there, and naturally, things can get a tad bit overwhelming at times.

If your child seems to have a big emotional reaction after seemingly minor events, you, as a parent, might be stressed out. It is natural. To help you (and your child) tackle it, here’s a little something.


Ways to Comfort Kids When they are Upset

Read on to discover 5 actionable ways to help comfort kids and help them deal with their emotions when they are upset.


Comfort Kids

Remind Them That it Won’t Last Forever

The next time your child feels angry or upset over an incident, remind him them what the are feeling is fleeting. The feeling won’t last forever- even if- at the moment, it seems like the world is ending.

Remind them of a time when they were upset over a lost toy or when that local ice cream place ran out of his favorite ice cream. Help them remember how they felt okay after some time even when he felt intensely emotional at that time.


Empathize – its a great way to comfort kids

Empathizing with your child’s feelings is an excellent way to help the, out and be there for them when they are feeling not so great emotionally. Validate their emotions, but don’t blow them out of proportion. Match your child’s tone. When they see that you understand they will feel acknowledged, and therefore, less likely to escalate the emotional outburst.

Sit down with them and try to look for ways to solve the problem or handle the situation they are facing. Remember, that you don’t need to fight your child’s emotions, but rather, help them feel understood and loved.


Ways to Comfort Kids When they are Upset


Comfort Kids by Getting Them to Take a Pause

One of the most effective ways to help your child make sense of emotions is to let them take a pause. Let them sit down or lie down in a place where they feels relaxed and at ease.

Encourage them to get involved in a calming and soothing activity like painting or reading a book or even taking a warm bath- it depends on what your child prefers.

This little act of pause can work as a healthy distraction which can help your child feel much more in control of their emotions.


This act can also help your child learn how to calm down on their own the next time they are feeling his emotions get difficult to handle.


Put Things in Perspective

Another effective way to help your child deal with emotions is to remind them that it is okay to be upset and feel what they are feeling, but it is not okay- to, for example, throw things around or hit someone when  feeling those big emotions. Help them navigate difficult emotions better, and in a more effective way.



Help kids help themselves

My book Create Your Own Calm  is a great aid for kids who struggle with emotional regulation offering them practical, positive steps towards being calmer and more resilient.

  • Full of simple, practical ideas to help manage feelings of stress, anger and anxiety
  • Fun activities that can be done on their own or with friends and family
  • Try out yoga, grow a pizza garden or go cloud watching
  • Learn about the surprising science behind emotions along the way




Set a Good Example

Last, but not least- remember that your child will do less of what you tell them to do, but more of what they watch you doing. Learn to keep yourself calm and collected in moments and events that tend to stress you out. Set a good example for your child by dealing with inconveniences and difficult situations gracefully.

It can be easy to lose your temper when your child is throwing a tantrum, but when that happens, just remind yourself to not take it personally, and stay as cool as you can possibly be and instead comfort kids who are sad/upset. 


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