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5 Ways to Give your Child’s Bedroom a Makeover

Today – 5 ways to give your child’s bedroom a makeover


ways to give your child’s bedroom a makeover


When it comes to redecorating your children’s bedrooms, there are lots of things you could change or upgrade and it’s actually focussing down that can be tricky!


Ways to give your child’s bedroom a makeover

Here are 5 essential steps to any room makeover that you will want to give some thought.


Repainting the bedroom

One of the easiest ways to give your child’s bedroom a makeover is to repaint their room. Simple but always effective


Bedroom painting costs do need to be considered if you are going to outlay the job (I ALWAYS do this as I am rubbish at painting!) It doesn’t have to be dull you could go wild with colours and patterns and really embrace what your child wants. Don’t be afraid of colour either it really can often look wonderful. My daughter’s tiny bedroom has just been painted half white and half classic blue and it looks wonderful, despite my misgivings! Our painter totally understood what she wanted and has given her a stylish bedroom to be proud of.


Wall art they will love

Wall art is such an inexpensive way to jazz up a room and should totally reflect the person who spends the most time there. So if your child loves comics maybe a print of their favourite characters would be great. Or, if they love animals, perhaps a poster of their favourite animal? If they are all about their friends you could help them frame a collage of photos. Art is so entirely personal let them have a big say in this.


Updating furniture as a way to give your child’s bedroom a makeover

If a new bed or desk is required because they have grown do invest in something substantial. Flimsy MDF creations do not withstand growing kids. It is well worth heading to an auction or scouring a Facebook selling site. Pre-loved but sturdy is so much better than brand new and to going to last 5 minutes. You can always give pre-loved furniture new knobs and fresh paint if required. 


Accessories that will last

Avoiding character prints or strong colours on accessories and playing it safe with neutrals is a smart move. Go for anything too specific and you might find next month your child will ‘hate’ the brand/trend/character they originally coveted or you will have wasted your money or they will have to live with something they really dislike.  Natural and neutral tones like fawn, white, cream or light grey pretty much go with anything and will always be pleasing to the eye.



ways to give your child’s bedroom a makeover

Light Switching

Switching up your child’s lights can make a huge difference to their bedroom. Creating areas to read and study that are well lit really define these areas and help partition up the room and make it productive. Dimmer switches or colour changing lights can add a whole new vibe to a child’s bedroom. Lights are often overlooked but actually have a big part to play in a makeover and room transformation.


A bedroom makeover can be a delightful project and can help a child fall in love with their own space – which as they grow becomes so much more important to them.

So many ways to give your child’s bedroom a makeover


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