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5 Ways to Incorporate Antiques into Your Home

Are you looking for ways to incorporate antiques into your home?

In recent years there has been a growing trend of incorporating antiques into your home, and this trend is not going away – and rightly so! Antiques can look great in any space in the home. Antiques can add a beautiful layer of personality to the home, in a way that modern décor doesn’t quite hit. Curating antique pieces into your home creates a more unique, one-of-a-kind space. It is the type of décor that screams elegance and style.


5 Ways to Incorporate Antiques into Your Home

Here we are going to give you five ways you can incorporate antiques into your home


  1. The Living Room

Incorporating antiques into a living space is a fantastic way to style your living room. One potential way of doing this is to find a unique antique piece of furniture that could be a one-off feature in your living room, such as a gorgeous antique coffee table. Another potential way of incorporating an antique or vintage piece into your living space is in recycling and restoration. You can find a unique antique sofa, or armchair, for example, for a relatively cheap price, and restore it to its former glory, and perhaps even re-upholster the piece to fit in with the rest of your living space.


Ways to Incorporate Antiques into Your Home


  1. The Kitchen – More Ways to Incorporate Antiques into Your Home

When it comes incorporating antiques into a kitchen, we need to be careful. After all, we don’t want to take it too far; we still want modern appliances, and definitely want to avoid going back to antiquity. So, for the kitchen how about accents? Something that has certainly been trending recently is open shelving. So how about finding some unique antique or vintage canisters and storage boxes? Finding some storage canisters that match, or even some that have a nice mix-match effect can look beautiful!

Another way of incorporating antiques into your kitchen is in antique silver, namely flatware, you can find some stunning antique flatware that can either be put on display, or can be stored nicely in a canteen box. Either way, every time you get them out for dinner, lunch, or even breakfast, you can admire the stunning antique element in your kitchen.


  1. The Home Office

Antiques look great in many areas of the home, but especially a home office! An office space can at times be quite difficult to style, simply because it is a space that you need to be able to concentrate in, but also is a part of your home – so there is definitely a fine balance. This is where antiques can come in. Sometimes getting one unique, weird, and wonderful feature piece can be the perfect antique to incorporate into your home office, for example a feature antique desk, or an antique shelving unit to store documents.


  1. Ways to Incorporate Antiques into Your Home – The Bedroom

Comfort is key in the bedroom, even more so in this room than in any other room. Around the central point of comfort; anything goes really! Incorporating vintage or antique pieces into your bedroom could mean anything from antique wardrobes, vintage mirrors, to a beautiful sterling silver vase for keeping fresh flowers in. The key to styling a bedroom with antiques is to keep it minimal. After all, we want to be the bedroom to be relaxing, so you don’t want to over-style it so that it feels cluttered.


Ways to Incorporate Antiques into Your Home



  1. Dining Room

The dining room is one of the key areas in which you can incorporate antiques, and incorporate it well! To start off with – the dining table and chairs; they are a perfect element that could easily be a piece of antique furniture. Another way of incorporating antiques into the dining room is in antique silver; in serving pieces. You can find many different antique serving pieces such as: silver tureen, serving cutlery, silver tureen; the list could go on. Another beautiful antique element is centrepieces, for example a beautiful pair of sterling silver candelabra. The dining room is truly a brilliant room in which to bring antiques into it.

There we have it – five ways you can incorporate antiques into your home. What do you think? Do you enjoy incorporating antiques into your home; do you have any tips of tricks you would like to share?


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