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5 Ways to Keep an Office Feeling Fresh

An office should feeling fresh, light and airy rather than stuffy, overly warm and uncomfortable. And, as it begins to heat up outside, having a cool and fresh interior becomes more important than ever, especially in a space where people are expected to work. 

Let’s take a look today at 5 ways to keep an office feeling fresh that you can easily implement in to your own. 


Ways to Keep an Office Feeling Fresh

Get great Air Conditioning 

Getting a great air conditioning unit like those from Commercial Air Conditioning Gold Coast makes an office such a lovely cool place to work (and they offer repairs too!)  Your staff will thank you for a great air conditioning and your business will reap the rewards of their comfort. 

 No one works well when overheated o uncomfortable! 


Ways to Keep an Office Feeling Fresh


Bring in flowers

Flowers add colour, vibrancy and an energy to a home that makes it feel fresh and well loved .They are of course beautiful and entirely natural which gives a sense of the outside, inside. Just lovely.

I always have fresh flowers in my home. Certain flowers work better than others. In my opinion  sunflowers and large blooms can feel slightly heavy and autumnal whereas roses with gypsophilia, Spring flowers and sweet peas bring a lighter feel, but you must of course, opt for your favourites. They will have add a lovely scent to your office too.


Plants are also a lovely addition to an office  that bring both life and energy . It is of course important that they are healthy and that their leaves are keep glossy and pest free. Cactus can sometimes make a space look little a stale and ‘dusty ‘I think. So, pick for plants that look super healthy and vigorous to add a great sense of well being and vitality .


Ways to Keep an Office Feeling Fresh



Scenting your office beautifully can make it feel like you have stepped into a meadow or a bakery or into freshly cut grass  and customers will love this. Just delicious.  Adding a lovely fragrance is a great way to a freshen up a space. Be aware though that too much scent or scent used to cover up other smells can be cloying and unpleasant so do tread lightly. Lemon is my personal favourite scent  for freshness what about you?



Clean sparkly windows and mirrors, spotless well cleaned wooden floors, well waxed tables, clutter free surfaces. All of these things make space look tended, and show it off to it’s best effect. It simple takes time and effort to make your office look good and it is so worth it. So get great cleaners, have your staff keep tidy desks  and give them excellent storage so your office looks fantastic when visitors arrive

This also makes it more pleasant to work in and consequently will be a more productive space. 


Keeping an office feeling fresh is better for everyone who works there and every visitor will notice and appreciate it  so it really is a great investment in your business.



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