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9 ways to make a small bathroom look bigger

Today – ways to make a small bathroom look bigger

I have a pretty small bathroom and I have worked hard to make it look bigger and not cramped. I’d love to share some tips with you here on ways to make a small bathroom look bigger.


Ways to make a small bathroom look bigger


A well designed bathroom can really maximise the space available i and it is well worth taking time and getting advice in regard to this.

small bathroom look bigger, ways to make a small bathroom look bigger

Slimline units

Not all bathroom furniture comes in one standard size and slimline units can make such a difference to small bathroom,  for some really clever products and bathroom design ideas  do have a look at Twyfords.


Wall space

Shelving and storage that hangs fromm the wall reduces the clutter at floor level and shelves are a great ideas for boxes of toiletries and towels.


No carpet

Carpet is not very hygienic in a bathroom and can add to a sense of ‘stuffiness.’  Floor tile or laminate are so much easier to keep clean and fresh and open up the the room.


Big mirrors

It is true that mirrors work to let in light but small ones can look busy and awkward. A big mirror will allow your bathroom to be flooded with light and will really add to the sense of space. I personally like round mirrors which I think can soften the edges of a stark bathroom.

Tall cabinets with mirror doors work well too as they multitask in a small space beautifully.


ways to make a small bathroom look bigger


Light and bright

I know there is a huge trend for dark walls these days but I personally think if you are trying to make a bathroom look bigger you can’t really beat light and bright. In my bathroom the walls and the tiles are all white and I keep them freshly painted and uber clean. There are some great bathroom cleaning tips here and they are well worth reading. A clean fresh bathroom just feels bigger and brighter.


Wide open

Windows let in the light and of course need to be sparkling and clean to let in the maximum of light to your bathroom and give it energy and a sense of space.  Simple blinds or unfussy shutters work perfectly as they enhance rather than detract from the light.



Cloying sickly sweet smells (or just toilet smells ) can make a room really close in on you. A fresh, clean linen or cotton fragrance  will make a room feel more airy and spacious, so a great air freshener or a reed diffuser in one of these ‘clean’ scents will work well.


Nick nacks

Nick nacks are just annoying in a bathroom and really don’t help make a small one look bigger.  Candles and toiletries can be stashed away to give a feeling of serenity and order to the room. They cab be bought out and used as and when required.



Even small bathrooms need personality no matter how bright and spacious you are aiming for them to be. A quirky print, fun pot plant or floor tile will give a plash of style and personality that will make it uniquely yours.


So I hope these ideas inspire in ways to make a small bathroom look bigger

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