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5 Ways To Use Skirting Boards For Impact

Ways To Use Skirting Boards For Impact

5 Ways To Use Skirting Boards For Impact



Ways To Use Skirting Boards For Impact

Are you looking for ways to use skirting boards for impact?

Skirting boards are not usually the first item on the list when considering renovating a home or redecorating a room. Although incredibly practical, skirting can really help to make an impact when it comes to the overall style of decor – hopefully these 5 tips will help you to consider their use in your next home design project.


Adding A Splash Of Colour

Skirting boards are often seen as a frame to a space but that doesn’t mean you should try to hide them or have them blend in. Adding a splash of colour to your skirting can really help bring out the other colours in the room and will allow them to become a design feature all of their own.

Don’t be afraid to be bold with your choice of colours either… if you have a room that has a bold accent colour such as orange or lime green, these can easily be accentuated by matching the colour with your skirting boards.

If you have a fairly neutral room then darker colours can create a perfect contrast and give a sense of grandeur that the room might otherwise be lacking. The pairing of light walls and dark skirting works perfectly in longer rooms such as hallways.


Going Square

If you really want to make a statement when it comes to your interior decor then opting for square skirting boards and architrave is a great option. Square profiles work particularly well in modern spaces and can be used along door frames and windows to really stand out.


Getting Your Groove On

To take the square skirting one step further, if you have a really contemporary space then you can add square grooves to the profile (usually between one and three grooves in total) to help it stand out and complement the other modern features in the space.

Grooves can also be added to non-square profiles or can be created with a chamfered or v groove shape to help them fit in less contemporary spaces whilst still retaining the wow factor.


Ways To Use Skirting Boards For Impact? Mixing Old And New

You may want to bring some added character to a modern space – if this is the case then mixing more traditional styles of skirting board with more contemporary interior design trends is easily done.

Using a Victorian style skirting board in an uber-modern styled room can create such an impact and the skirting will most likely become a talking point rather than something that is completely ignored.


Bigger Can Be Better

High skirting boards have made something of a comeback and are very much a designers dream. Large rooms with high ceilings can often feel empty and high skirting will give you some leeway when it comes to furnishings. When using high skirting, less is often more when it comes to furniture and it is extremely forgiving.


Ways To Use Skirting Boards For Impact

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For added luxury, why not opt for high oak skirting boards? These can still be painted or stained and exude opulence.


Ways To Use Skirting Boards For Impact is a feature post


Hopefully you found these tips on ways to use skirting boards for impact? useful but above all just remember that your skirting should be a design consideration and not an afterthought.  You might also like my post on how to plan a home renovation project

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